(VIPI) Veterans In Politics International do not condone Domestic Violence! We supported Artur Terabelian in his quest to regain his child that is relocated to another state, but when we found out that his group “Veterans Fathers Rights” only supports his own quest to regain his child and several allegations of Domestic Violence by several women. We have sever all professional ties indicated in an e-mail below:

Dear Mr. Terabelian;

Due to the controversy surrounding your domestic life, Veterans In Politics, International, Inc. has no choice but to sever all professional ties with you and your domestic issues.

The issues surrounding you are at odds with the sensitive political nature of the business in which Veterans In Politics, International, Inc. Is involved.

May you reach all your future goals.

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact myself, or Steve Sanson, VIPI President.

Thank you for your understanding.

Karen Steelmon
VIPI Auxiliary Director

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