Candidates bowing out of the process

There have been several Veterans’ organizations forming in southern Nevada in an attempt to infringe upon and recreate what Veterans In Politics has done for the past 24 years.

Instead of attempting to collaborate and work together with VIP, these rogue copycat organizations would rather attempt to discredit us. Why, you ask? The reason is simple–because VIP has exposed their underhanded, unethical, and at times illegal activities.

Recently, a copycat organization whose name was meant to confuse the public, and unlawfully infringe upon the registered VIP name, contacted candidates offering endorsements contingent upon non-participation in the VIP endorsement process. The organization was publicly exposed, and has subsequently re-organized under a different name.

This type of unethical behavior is what we are all striving to eradicate from politics; but they are those among us that have crossed the line of propriety and submitted to the demands of this organization.

VIP hosts these endorsement interviews to educate the public. We offer a forum where panel members are permitted to vet candidates in a question and answer format, open to the public.

If you have confirmed your attendance for the endorsement interviews, and have now offered a “scheduling conflict” as a means to back out, you either extremely bad at time management and keeping your commitments, or you may have been dissuaded from participation by the factional, rogue organization that offers rubber stamped endorsements conditioned upon exclusion.

Either way, you probably should reconsider your competency to speak for your constituency.

Good luck in your race.

Karen Steelmon
Veterans In Politics International Inc.
Auxiliary Director
702 238-5134

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