Judicial Candidates Compete for the Most Valuable Veteran Endorsement in Clark County, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada (March 11, 2014) – – – Veterans In Politics International, Inc. (VIPI), today announced that it has endorsed twenty five judicial candidates whom are running for Clark County District Court Judge Family, Criminal, Civil Divisions and the Las Vegas Township Justice of the Peace.

Endorsees include Richard Scotti, Judge Douglas Herndon, Judge Kerry Earley, Judge Carolyn Ellsworth, Judge Doug Smith, Judge Adriana Escobar, Judge Michael Villani, Justice of the Peace William Kephart, Judge Jerry Tao, Jacob Hafter, Judge Stefany Miley, Jim Crockett, Judge Kathleen Delaney, Judge Ron Israel, Judge Jerry Wiese, Michele Mercer, Judge Robert Teuton, Denise Gentile, Judge Art Ritchie, Judge Cheryl Moss, Judge Jennifer Elliot, Monti Levy, Judge Sandra Pomrenze, Maria Maskall, and Justice of the Peace Diana Sullivan.

No endorsements were made for Department 32, Department B, Department J, Department M, and Department S.

We interviewed Judicial Candidates for four days February 22nd, 23rd, March 1st and 2nd each interview had a moderator and the panel members changed for each day of the interviews.

The process was open to the public, tapped unedited, no questions are known until they are asked, no candidates are rubber stamped, and the panel member’s identities are not released until the day of the interviews.

No one is paid to be a part of this process, we do it for love of community and an effort to educate the public on the candidates running for office.

Thank you to all the candidates, panel members, VIPI members, and our sponsors Rhythm Kitchen Restaurant, Andre Lagomarsino-Nevada Attorney, and Real Water.

Nevada Attorney, Stephen Stubbs, Nevada State Assemblyman Andrew Martin, Las Vegas City Councilman Steven Ross, North Las Vegas City Councilman Isaac Baron and Tellis Napper DJ for Reign4 Ever moderated the endorsement interviews.

Interview panel members included Robert Lauer – US Army, Karen Steelmon – VIPI Auxiliary Director, Samira Knight-Nevada Attorney, Dina Romaya-Ladah – Nevada Attorney, George Assad – former Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge, Byron Brooks – US Army, Jason Brooks – US Marine, Forrest Darby – US Army, Lilly Babcock-VP Hispanics In Politics, Evon Dawood – Social Worker, Dr. Danielle Duperret, Cheryl Gardner-US Marine, Alicia Green- PR March of Dimes, Kim Bosley-Writer/Author, Jordana Carroll-Master of Science, Kofoworola Oso-MFT, Len Connell-Radio Host, Angie Morelli-US Marine, Patrick Llewellyn-US Army, Stuart Tener-US Navy, Paul Padda-Nevada Attorney, Robert Lueck-former Clark County District Court Judge, Martin Melendrez-Nevada Attorney, Dr. Richard Hawkins-Nevada Attorney, Laurel Fee-Journalist, Michael Lamb-US Marine, Tom Blanchard-President Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals, April Minjares-PR Las Vegas Tea Party, Jim Jonas-VIP Radio Host, Jamieson Ahearn-US Marine,  Ed Cotton-Retired Colonel US Air Force, Michael Mazur-Nevada Attorney, William Brown-Nevada Attorney and George Chehade, Andre Haynes Camera and Invocation;  Brian Bashant President of Fallen Not Forgotten was the door host.

“A Judges decision affects your life on a very personal level and sometimes for the rest of your life”

Our official Endorsements are below for each department with the videos of each endorsement. If you don’t agree with whom we have chosen to endorse, please educate yourself on the candidates.

VIPI is the only group in the State of Nevada that endorses candidates with this type of transparency.


Richard Scotti                                                      DEPARTMENT 2


Judge Douglas W. Herndon (Incumbent)             DEPARTMENT 3


Judge Kerry Louise Earley (Incumbent)               DEPARTMENT 4


Judge Carolyn Ellsworth (Incumbent)                           DEPARTMENT 5


Judge Doug Smith (Incumbent)                                     DEPARTMENT 8


Judge Adriana Escobar (Incumbent)                    DEPARTMENT 14


Judge Michael Villani (Incumbent)                       DEPARTMENT 17


Justice of the Peace William “Bill” Kephart                   DEPARTMENT 19


Judge Jerry Tao (Incumbent)                                DEPARTMENT 20


Jacob Hafter                                                                  DEPARTMENT 22


Judge Stefany A. Miley (Incumbent)                    DEPARTMENT 23


Jim Crockett                                                                  DEPARTMENT 24


Judge Kathleen E. Delaney (Incumbent)               DEPARTMENT 25


Judge Ron Israel (Incumbent)                               DEPARTMENT 28


Judge Jerry A. Wiese (Incumbent)                        DEPARTMENT 30


No Endorsement                                                  DEPARTMENT 32


Family Division

No Endorsement                                                            DEPARTMENT B


Michele “Shell” Mercer                                                   DEPARTMENT C


Judge Robert W. “Bob” Teuton (incumbent)                           DEPARTMENT D


Denise L. Gentile                                                            DEPARTMENT F


Judge Art Ritchie (incumbent)                                        DEPARTMENT H


Judge Cheryl Moss (incumbent)                                     DEPARTMENT I


No Endorsement                                                            DEPARTMENT J


Judge Jennifer L. Elliot (incumbent)                               DEPARTMENT L


No Endorsement                                                            DEPARTMENT M

No video (no candidate participation)

Monti Jordana Levy                                                      DEPARTMENT N


Judge Sandra L. Pomrenze (incumbent)                         DEPARTMENT P


No Endorsement                                                            DEPARTMENT S


Maria Maskall                                                               DEPARTMENT T


Las Vegas Justice of the Peace

Judge Diana L. Sullivan (incumbent)                                      DEPARTMENT 12




Interview panel members are screened volunteers whom are strictly prohibited from receiving any consideration or advice from prospective political candidates seeking an endorsement from VIPI or their opponents each panel member signed a “Confidentiality Agreement” and at no time can discuss anything that has taking place during the time of voting.

Below you will find a complete list of all the Clark County Judicial candidates whom were endoresed by VIPI for the 2014 Election Season.


When the video’s of the interviews have been posted on Youtube, they will be made available here as well.


Endorsements are listed by department.






Veterans In Politics International Official Judicial Endorsement for 2014
Richard Scotti DEPARTMENT 2
Judge Douglas W. Herndon (Incumbent) DEPARTMENT 3
Judge Kerry Louise Earley (Incumbent) DEPARTMENT 4
Judge Carolyn Ellsworth (Incumbent) DEPARTMENT 5
Judge Doug Smith (Incumbent) DEPARTMENT 8
Judge Adriana Escobar (Incumbent) DEPARTMENT 14
Judge Michael Villani (Incumbent) DEPARTMENT 17
Justice of the Peace William “Bill” Kephart DEPARTMENT 19
Judge Jerry Tao (Incumbent) DEPARTMENT 20
Jacob Hafter DEPARTMENT 22
Judge Stefany A. Miley (Incumbent) DEPARTMENT 23
Jim Crockett DEPARTMENT 24
Judge Kathleen E. Delaney (Incumbent) DEPARTMENT 25
Judge Ron Israel (Incumbent) DEPARTMENT 28
Judge Jerry A. Wiese (Incumbent) DEPARTMENT 30
No Endorsement DEPARTMENT 32
Family Division
No Endorsement DEPARTMENT B
Michele “Shell” Mercer DEPARTMENT C
Judge Robert W. “Bob” Teuton (incumbent) DEPARTMENT D
Denise L. Gentile DEPARTMENT F
Judge Art Ritchie (incumbent) DEPARTMENT H
Judge Cheryl Moss (incumbent) DEPARTMENT I
No Endorsement DEPARTMENT J
Judge Jennifer L. Elliot (incumbent) DEPARTMENT L
No Endorsement DEPARTMENT M
Monti Jordana Levy DEPARTMENT N
Judge Sandra L. Pomrenze (incumbent) DEPARTMENT P
No Endorsement DEPARTMENT S
Maria Maskall DEPARTMENT T
Las Vegas Justice of the Peace
Judge Diana L. Sullivan (incumbent) DEPARTMENT 12

Interviews held on February 22, 2014

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Interviews held on February 23, 2014

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Interviews held on March 1, 2014

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Interviews held on March 2, 2014

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