Mankind goes through a continuous transformation. What might be the norm or accepted one year may not be the next year. Sometimes it takes drastic events to look at things different for changes to occur. Over my life time I have gone through transformation. I have looked at things as black and white, giving no room for compromise or negotiations.

I hung around popular people to make myself known. I have kept up with the Jones and the Smiths in an effort to make people know that I am financially well off in the past.

What I deem important to me now is Family, Human Rights, and Friendship. Connecting with others and making changes that benefit others always equates to inner growth. The material things do not matter to me anymore as this is a false impression of once self worth.

Standing up for people that cannot stand up for themselves is a way of showing self sacrifice. I would jump in front of gunfire for people I love and I will stand up and fight for a stranger if I believe in my heart that it is the right thing to do.

All people should be allowed to live their lives without fear or judgment. I will not be afraid to voice my opinion in defense of others.

People have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to corruption, maybe for several reasons which may include: 1. They have gotten used to this as norm, 2. They do not want to be judged themselves nor do they have the energy to make changes, 3. They are fearful themselves of being a target or having a loss of their own positions of power. This is not me and I will fight for others rights even if it costs me everything. I am going to be true to myself, because if I am not who can I be true to? If more of us began to reevaluate our own intentions or our own permissiveness of wrong doings and started to stand up in even small ways things will begin to change.

There are two types of people in this world one that runs towards the fire and the other who runs away. The one that runs towards the fire is willing to give to the greater good and cares more about others than themselves, the one that runs away only cares about themselves and has chosen to do nothing.

Change starts with one person.
Steve Sanson President Veterans In Politics International

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