North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Las Vegas Municipal Candidates
We will conduct our Veterans In Politics International Endorsement Interviews on Saturday February 23rd at the Leatherneck Club located in the Greater Las Vegas Marine Corps League Building.
Located at: 4360 West Spring Mountain Road; Las Vegas, NV 89102/North East Corner of Arville and Spring Mtn./Across from Chinatown in the same shopping center with the American Shooters/For directions call: 702-368-1775.
There is a bar and restaurant on the premises.
With regards to our by-laws all candidates must be present to be considered for our endorsement at the set date and time of our interviews.
All of our interviews are taped and open to the public; we are very transparent when it comes to this process.

Candidates are encouraged to display campaign literature.

Once we have chosen the candidates whom we will endorse, a press release will be sent out announcing their names.  All interview video’s will be published on YouTube, Linked In, Face Book (VeteransIn Politics II), our website at , Meet Up sites, on our internet radio website at: and several other sites that are not mentioned.
All endorsement recipients may use our logo on any campaign literature, and all advertisement material.
All endorsed candidates will be presented our endorsement at an event of their choosing.  This event will be announced via press release by VIPI.

If you would like to purchase the video for your interview or any other interviews please contact the President of VIPI.

We will interview the following seats in this order:

Elected Seat                                                                                    Time
Henderson Mayor (Hafen schedule conflict)                             11:30AM
North Las Vegas Mayor                                                                 12:00PM
North Las Vegas Ward 1 City Council                                         12:45PM
North Las Vegas Ward 3 City Council                                          1:30PM
Henderson Mayor                                                                            2:15PM
Henderson Ward 3 City Council                                                  3:00PM
Henderson Municipal Court Judge Department 1                   3:45PM
Las Vegas City Council Ward 2                                                    4:30PM
Las Vegas City Council Ward 4                                                     5:15PM
Las Vegas City Council Ward 6                                                    6:00PM
RSVP deadline is February 11th.
Karen Steelmon
VIPI Auxiliary Director
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