Stavros S. Anthony & Michael Haines to Appear On the “Veterans In Politics” Video-Talk-Show

Stavros S. Anthony & Michael Haines to Appear On the “Veterans In Politics” Video-Talk-Show


Las Vegas City Councilman & Former US Senate Candidate


 “Veterans In Politics Talk Show” (Anthony & Haines)

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA– – Veterans In Politics video Talk Show proudly announces that Stavros S. Anthony Las Vegas City Councilman Ward 4 and Michael Haines former US Senate Candidate to appear on the “Veterans In Politics” internet video talk-show as a special guest on Saturday – January 28, 2017 from 2-3pm PT. Listen and watch LIVE on


For more than a decade the non-partisan “Veterans In Politics Talk-Show” (VIP Talk-Show) has informed listeners about national veteran and political issues.


Past guests include active duty and veterans from all branches, authors, business owners, organization heads and political candidates and incumbents representing all parties from federal, state and local government branches.


The listening audience spans nationally and reaches a demographic of every gender, age and socioeconomic background. The VIP Talk-Show has become a trusted source of information and excerpts from past episodes have been quoted and published in reports of media and investigations of government agencies. Achievements include awards and special recognitions from countless non-profit organizations, Mayors and City Councils plus schools.

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Stavros S. Anthony Las Vegas City Councilman Ward 4



Michael Haines former US Senate Candidate


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Statement from Steve Sanson President of Veterans In Politics International, Inc.


A lawyer managed to get YouTube to delete my videos that was obtained by the Freedom of Information Act; before the case was sealed. The lawyer in this matter sent the presiding judge an email demanding that she persuade me to take the videos down, because it puts her in a “bad light”. Once I refused the lawyer sealed the case. Since the videos were obtained before the sealing and was taking down illegally, we have placed the videos on a multitude of channels. We will not be pushed around by people that think they are entitled or beyond approach.

Rule 5.02 only makes a hearing private, but does not prohibit anything else. The Order that was served does not apply because it was based on “Stipulation of the Parties.” WE are not a party to the case. The fact the case was sealed after the fact is prospective not retrospective and cannot change what has already happened. Next, First Amendment and good faith participation in public processes are absolutely immune from suit. Then there is the lawsuit itself – it violates NRS Chapter 1 which requires all actions involving the same parties in Family Court be heard by the same judge – meaning there is no subject matter jurisdiction in the District Court. This further supported by the fact it involves an order by Judge Elliot who is the only one who can enforce that order or issue sanctions – but again – that order only pertains to the parties that engaged in the stipulation. I see a counter for First Amendment retaliation and violation of immunity and then removal to US District Court on federal question involving violation of rights.

I received this notice from Facebook, indicating that this law firm owns my articles and a video that I received from the courts under the Freedom of Information Act. That I am in violation of copy right infringement signed under penalty of perjury.


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Veterans In Politics video Talk Show proudly announces that Janiece S. Marshall former Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Department 3 and Rick Workman candidate for Mayor of Henderson Nevada


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