Judge’s having sex with their Marshal inside the courthouse!

Clark County Nevada

September 2, 2023


(VIPI) Veterans In Politics International was notified back in July, stating that Nadin Cutter Clark County Family Court Judge had to take a year off for maternity leave because she was having her Deputy Marshal Nicholas Boutos child.

Let me just add to this, Judge Cutter is married this alleged affair took place on the courthouse grounds.

VIPI immediately contacted Judge Nadin Cutter and her Deputy Marshal, who is now transferred out of family court to the Regional Justice Center. But all we received were crickets.

VIPI also contacted the Presiding Judge and Chief Judge, we received information stating that this is a personal related matter.

VIPI sat on this story until today when we received additional information from the infamous Las Vegas Law Blog echoing that Judge Cutter is indeed the mother of her Deputy Marshal child and this information is in her divorce pleadings.

Also adding that other judges within the Eighth Judicial District Court currently, have sex with their Court Appointed Deputy Marshal.

We discovered that this type of behavior has been going on for decades with former judges.

The Judge, Deputy Marshal, and the courthouse are all paid by taxpayers. This is a conflict of interest.

How can these judges judge us when they make bad judgments for themselves?

This is one of the reasons the Eighth Judicial District Court arbitrarily seals cases.

They make it difficult for pro-se-litigants to see their cases on the computer. This is a violation of the 14th Amendment, which talks about a fair judiciary. Especially litigants who live out of a 25-mile radius from the courthouse.

An attorney could just log into their portal and a litigant who represents themselves has to go to the courthouse, park, take a number, and wait in line. As if their time doesn’t matter!

How fair is this?

The court is trying to force litigants from self-representation and to hide their bad behaviors, so you can’t use it against them for re-election.

This violates the US Constitution and the Nevada Supreme Court decision that states “a courthouse is of public concern”. View the Nevada Supreme Court cases Jennifer Abrams vs. Veterans In Politics International and Marshal Willick vs. Veterans In Politics International.

Is the Nevada “toothless” Judicial Disciplinary Commission going to do something about this?


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