Investigative Reporting on a Candidate for Las Vegas City Mayor!

Las Vegas, Nevada

August 27, 2023


I’m Steve Sanson, President of Veterans in Politics International. In the upcoming year, the residents of Las Vegas will have the opportunity to select a new mayor.

Among the contenders, there is an individual whose suitability for the esteemed position of mayor is questionable – Victoria Seaman. Her candidacy is marred by significant shortcomings that render her unsuitable for the vital role she aspires to hold in Las Vegas.

Victoria Seaman’s record is riddled with glaring flaws, making her an inappropriate choice for the crucial office she seeks. It is worth noting that Mrs. Seaman has engaged in physical altercations with her fellow council members, raising concerns about her ability to maintain a professional and harmonious working relationship.

Furthermore, her divisive nature is evident, casting doubt on her capacity to foster unity and consensus among the council members – a pivotal quality required for the effective functioning of the city council.

I strongly encourage you to view the provided video, which sheds light on these concerning aspects of Victoria Seaman’s candidacy (view video below). Given the importance of a well-functioning mayoral leadership in Las Vegas, it is imperative that we collectively reject the prospect of Victoria Seaman becoming the Mayor of Las Vegas. If you have any inquiries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated.

This is a nonpartisan race, but Republicans is this all you have?


Best Regards,

Steve Sanson

President Veterans in Politics International, Inc.




View this powerful video:


Investigative Reporting: Victoria Seaman Las Vegas City Councilwoman Ward 2 on Veterans In Politics

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