Veterans In Politics calls for a review of all Judge Harter’s cases, Autopsy report proves suicide, and addiction to antidepressants and pain pills!


Clark County Nevada

August 21, 2023


(VIPI) Veterans In Politics International was extremely critical of Family Court Judge Matthew Harter for several reasons:


  1. Hardly shows up to the courthouse about 2-3 days per week.
  2. Told several litigants that he is God!
  3. Allignate Parents from their children by holding their children hostage until the parent pays for a third-party court-appointed facilitator.
  4. Narcissistic attitude on the bench
  5. Mortgage and Bankruptcy fraud
  6. Perjury


VIPI file multiple Judicial Disciplinary Complaints and complaint to different state agencies including the worthless Attorney General’s Office, but it seems like these government agencies that were put in place to protect Nevadans is used only to protect the Judge.


VIPI requested several years ago that any candidate for a judicial seat should undergo a Psychiatric background check, but that fell on deaf ears. Now we have learned that Judge Harter had an addiction to pain pills and antidepressants. The coroner’s report suggested that Harter also committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest.


Harter destroyed thousands of lives while sitting as a family court judge!


VIPI is requesting that all of Judge Harter’s cases be under review.




Other related information on VIPI YouTube Channel”


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