Deplorable actions by Family Court Judge Rena Hughes against a minor child

A child’s nightmare; Judge Hughes alienated a daughter from her mother


Clark County, Nevada in the 2014 elections former Judge Kenneth Pollock battled to retain his seat in the Clark County District Court Family Division Department J and had an upset by Rena Hughes.


We have always echoed how important it is to know the candidates running for Judgeship because they will impact your life on a very personal level for the rest of your life.  The events that took place on June 15, 2016 with a minor child is an example of family court going horribly wrong.

The matter was brought to the court; Father requested a change of custody because of mother’s decision to Home School the child.


The Father is the defendant and represented by Lesley Cohen and the mother was in proper person without counsel.


The video’s you are about to see is upsetting, damaging to the child and absolutely appalling (click onto videos).



Part 1 on the Record


Part 2 Heart wrenching video between the Judge Hughes and a minor defenseless child.

Judge Rena Hughes

Gave dad sole legal and sole physical custody.


Please I don’t want to go.

Judge Rena Hughes

That’s too bad Annie.

This is based on Mothers failure to facilitate visitation and to compel the child to visit.

When your mother was last in court, I told her if you do not go with your dad you would spend the entire summer with him.

You decided and your mom decided you were not going to go.


She didn’t decide.


Judge Rena Hughes

Child support obligation will cease immediately and you are to enroll Annie in public school in your district.

There is to be no contact with Ms. Silva and the minor child.

Submit a memorandum of fees and cost.


Please I want to be with my mama.

Please I don’t want to be with him.

Judge Rena Hughes

I have made my decision I have already told you that.


I beg of you.

Judge Rena Hughes

You don’t need to beg I have made a decision for your best interest.


How do you know my best interest, you don’t know me.

Judge Rena Hughes

Because I told you that I am a grownup and you are a child.


Please, please, please.

Can I please see my mama, please?

Judge Rena Hughes

Annie stop!

I already discussed it with you, it won’t do any good, and you are just upsetting yourself.


I miss her.

I just want to see her please, I don’t want to go with him.

Judge Rena Hughes

You have a father and you are going to spend time with him.


I don’t want too.

Judge Rena Hughes

That’s too bad you are going to do it anyway.


I don’t want to, please I am begging you, and you can’t do this.

I don’t want to go with you, can I please stay with mama.


Part 3 threatened the minor child with Child Haven

Judge Rena Hughes

The Marshall will accompany you to your car, if you have any difficulties the child will go to Child Haven.

It’s not fun in Child Haven, they put you in a holding cell, and it’s like it would be jail!



Can I please see my mama?

Judge Rena Hughes

You already saw her.


You don’t understand, I Love her!

I am going to miss her so much, please don’t do this to me.

Judge Rena Hughes

I am done do you want to submit the order?


I don’t want to go!


There are many unanswered questions and statements:

  • Why was the child punished? Drug Abusers and Domestic Violence parents have custody of their children.


  • Did the parties consent to the ex parte interview with the child?


  • Was there a mediator assigned, this is protocol for situations like this (to assist with conjoint parenting).


  • Why was the child in the courtroom much less sitting at counsel table during the ruling?


  • Why was mom ordered to leave the courtroom and dad and his attorney was present during the questioning of this child?  Mom has a constitutional right to be present at every step of the proceedings. Rule 7.50 requires either a writing signed by the party or a stipulation placed on the record to waive the written order requirement.  Case law says an oral order cannot be used, only a written order is enforceable. No agreement or stipulation between the parties or their attorneys will be effective unless the same shall, by consent, be entered in the minutes in the form of an order, or unless the same is in writing subscribed by the party against whom the same shall be alleged, or by the party’s attorney.



  • Why Judge Hughes did not ask the child “why she does not want to live with dad”?


  • Why did Judge Hughes isolate the mother from this decision in court appearing to take advantage of the mother, because she had no attorney representing her?



  • When Judge Hughes was a candidate on 3/12/14 she stated in a radio interview PR Connections, that compassion is one of her strong suites. Where was Judge Hughes compassion with this minor child?


  • Why did Judge Hughes place this child into that kind of a setting, threaten a child with Child Haven and tell the minor child it’s like sitting in a holding cell.


  • Where is the child’s attorney or advocate for her rights?!



  • Why did the Judge not order counseling for both parties?


  • Why was the Judge discussing adult issues in front of the child, to the child and without child have any support or representation?!


  • Why was the mother who is in proper person not present while these adult decisions took place? The mother’s rights were grossly disregarded.



This Judge has psychologically damaged this child.

This judge appears to be nonchalant and insensitive to this child as she takes custody away from her mother (whom the child has been with her whole life). This is one of the most traumatizing situations a child can go through (removal from the most important person in their life unjustly and for no good reason).

More damage to this child was done on this day, instead of solving a problem, getting supports who can assist this family to co-parent the Judge rips this child away from her mother without just cause!


This judge threated this child like a criminal!

Judge Rena Hughes should be tossed off the bench!

Please watch the video in full and come to your own conclusion.

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