Nevada Attorney attacks a Clark County Family Court Judge in Open Court

No boundaries in our courtrooms!

In Clark County Nevada, we have noticed Justice of the Peace handcuffing Public Defenders unjustly as well as Municipal Court Judges incarcerating citizens that are not even before their court.

The above are examples of the courtroom overstepping boundaries.  But what happens when a Divorce Attorney crosses the line with a Clark County District Court Judge Family Division?

In a September 29, 2016 hearing in Clark County Family Court Department L Jennifer Abrams representing the plaintiff with co-council Brandon Leavitt and Louis Schneider representing the defendant. This case is about a 15-year marriage, the plaintiff earns over 160,000 annually and the defendant receives no alimony and no part of the business.

There was a war of words between Jennifer Abrams and Judge Jennifer Elliot.

Start 12:13:00 in the video the following conversation took place in open court.

Judge Jennifer Elliot:


I find that there is an undue influence in the case.

There are enough ethical problems that don’t add to the problem.

If that’s not an ethical problem I don’t know what is.

The court is charged with making sure that justice is done.

Your client lied about his finances.

I am the judge and in a moment I am going to ask you to leave.

Your firm does this a lot and attack other lawyers.

I find it to be a pattern with your firm.

You are going to be taking out of here if you don’t sit down.

I am the Judge, not you.



Jennifer Abrams:


Excuse me I was in the middle of a sentence.

Is there any relationship between you and Louis Schneider?



At what point should a judge sanction an attorney?

Is a judge too comfortable or intimidated by an attorney that they give them leeway to basically run their own courtroom?

If there is an ethical problem or the law has been broken by an attorney the Judge is mandated by law to report it to the Nevada State Bar or a governing agency that could deal with the problem appropriately.







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