Steve Sanson President of Veterans In Politics International Honored for Community Service Work

Steve Sanson is President of Veterans In Politics International. He is a Marine Corps Veteran who has made it his mission to hold Family Court judges accountable to the public they serve. Sanson has filmed misconduct in the courtroom and posted the videos on the internet exposing the wrongdoings. Many consider Steve a hero who has only him as their last hope to seek justice for their cases. Steve Sanson was honored at the Producers Choice Awards in Pahrump for his work in Public Community Service.

These idiot family court attorney’s tried to stifle Steve Sanson’s and Veterans In Politics’ freedom of speech. They did a 4-year starch earth campaign against Sanson and Veterans In Politics International, throwing everything including the kitchen sink… In an effort to discredit and isolate Sanson and his organization. They used their minions to defame him, so they can hide and deny liability. They told everyone that they had a solid case against him and his organization and now they played their last trump card, by filing a voluntary dismissal of the case as a plaintiff in case # A-17-750171-C. This is clearly an Abuse of Process, to say the least. We will not allow anyone else to suffer this faith.

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