The face of the 215 Beltway; Marine Leatherneck club dealing with COVID-19!

Clark County

January 9, 2021


The face of the 215 Beltway

Veterans In Politics interviewed legendary icon former Clark County Commissioner of 28 years Bruce Woodbury.


Served with 27 commissioners out of that 7 were convicted of a major crime, from former Commissioners Woodrow Wilson and Jack Petitti indicted for accepting thousands of dollars in bribes from an FBI undercover operation along with former State Senator Floyd Lamb.


Let’s not forget the FBI G-Sting operation, former Commissioners Lynette Buggs McDonald pleaded no contest for filing false statements and campaign funding irregularities, Mary Kincaid-Chauncey was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison and fined for accepting bribes, Dario Herrera was sentenced to 50 months in federal prison, fined and surrendered assets, Erin Kenny was sentenced to 30 months in prison for accepting bribes, and Lance Malone who pleaded guilty for violating federal racketeering laws and for bribing fellow county commissioners.


Bruce Woodbury never surrendered to any of this and always held his elected office with the highest standards.


We will always remember Bruce Woodbury who has the 215 beltway named after him.


Click here to see the video interview:


Bruce Woodbury former Clark County Commissioner on Veterans In Politics Video Internet talk-show:



Marine Leatherneck club dealing with COVID-19

 Veterans In Politics interviewed Tom “Ghost” Martin a United States Marine Desert Storm Veteran, past Marine Riders Las Vegas Chapter President, and owner of the Leatherneck Club Las Vegas.


The Leatherneck Club Las Vegas is the only Leatherneck Club in the continental United States.


The Leatherneck Club has a Marine Museum from World War I to the current war on terror. The Leatherneck Club facilitates the Marine Corps League, American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and many more.


Martin said that it also facilitates many fundraisers from the Marine Corps Birthday Ball to Toys for Tots.


Martin said COVID-19 has frozen his need to hire more staff and the Leatherneck Club has lost over $140,000 to COVID-19.


The Leatherneck Club is open to everybody that would like a great atmosphere and have a great time at the bar while enjoying great food.


Visit the Leatherneck Club at 4360 West Spring Mountain Road at the corner of Spring Mountain and Arville next to American Shooters or call 702 368-1775.


Click here to view the Leatherneck Club Facebook page:


Click here to see the video interview:


Tom Ghost Martin owner of the Leatherneck Club Las Vegas on the Veterans In Politics Video talk-show:  

These idiot family court attorney’s tried to stifle Steve Sanson’s and Veterans In Politics’ freedom of speech. They did a 4-year starch earth campaign against Sanson and Veterans In Politics International, throwing everything including the kitchen sink… In an effort to discredit and isolate Sanson and his organization. They used their minions to defame him, so they can hide and deny liability. They told everyone that they had a solid case against him and his organization and now they played their last trump card, by filing a voluntary dismissal of the case as a plaintiff. This is clearly an Abuse of Process, to say the least. We will not allow anyone else to suffer this faith.


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