We live in a world today that the only items that matter are wealth and power. These people that starve for this have no empathy or compassion for our fellow human beings.

Most of them live in the past and have no forgiveness in their heart. They take and never give, they will turn away from tyranny and normalize corruption on levels that will make the average human cringe with agony.

The solution to this is to do onto others as you expect them to do onto you. We need to stand united and rid ourselves of these types of people. Bad actors come from many levels, ones that cause the problems and ones that know the problems exist but either defend it or turn a blind eye and a deaf ear towards it, muttering that it’s not their problem!

We as a society cannot allow this to continue, they say the definition of insanity is to repeat the same behavior and expecting a different result. We need leaders who will face tyranny and corruption head-on and eliminate it.

Many of us are too weak to make a change. Why? Because many of us are too comfortable and don’t want to upset the apple-cart. It’s easy to go along to get along than standing up and fight, especially to fight for a stranger or to stand alone.

People that make fun of others just to isolate or discredit them are weak-minded and an ugly spot on society and should be put in their place!

I am a firm believer in destiny, that every human being has a purpose on this earth. But many live their entire lives without ever reaching that purpose.. never reaching their true potential.

We are supposed to make this planet better than how we found it. To do that we must accept risks, we must come out of our cocoon. What’s sickening is that many people’s brain cells are clouded with despair almost like a disease.

Look in the mirror and tell me what you see!

Steve Sanson
President of Veterans In Politics International, Inc.
PO Box 28211
Las Vegas, Nv 89126

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