DATELINE—Las Vegas, Nev. (March 17, 2021).  Sanson and LVMPD have buried the hatchet!  The newsflash—now official—Las Vegas Metro Police have settled-up with Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) President, Steve Sanson!  Not wishing to go to trial, LVMPD paid to Sanson the sum of $20,000!  “OO-rah!”

Back in October 2020, VIPI President, Steve Sanson, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit—against Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. and Officer Raul Pinal—for an incident that took place back in 2019—just a few short blocks from family court—600 N. Pecos Rd.—the Bowels of Hell!

According to official court documents, on March 22, 2019, Sanson had just left the family courthouse—when he was suddenly pulled over by Metro!  Yeah, it smelled fishy to us too!  It just sounds, well, greasy!  Ya know?

Sanson still believes that certain elements within family court used Metro Police to “stalk” him and pull him over—under false pretenses.  But that’s all behind us now!  The matter has been amicably resolved.  😊

Sanson had filed a federal civil rights lawsuit (under 42 U.S.C. 1983) alleging violation of Sanson’s “substantive due process” rights under the Fourth Amendment.  The suit alleged unreasonable search of his car and unreasonable seizure of his firearms—in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

The lawsuit raised important issues because Steve Sanson had a concealed weapons permit when his firearms were seized.  At all times during the incident with Metro, Sanson faithfully adhered to concealed carry rules.

Sanson’s suit further alleged that LVMPD fails to professionally train Metro Police Officers on the Fourth Amendment—which, of course, governs police conduct during traffic stops, vehicular searches, and firearms seizures.

Notably, Steve Sanson’s lawsuit was championed by an unparalleled trial attorney and celebrated legal scholar, the incomparable, Adam Breeden, Esq.!

Sanson’s lawsuit made compelling arguments, for example, LVMPD’s training handbook never mentions the Supreme Court case, Arizona v. Gant, [556 U.S. 332 (2009)].  Arizona vs. Gant governs warrantless vehicular searches incident to arrest—and yet it’s NOT mentioned in LVMPD’s training manual.  (Are you effin kidding me?)  This factoid tends to suggest that Metro Officers are not properly hatted on the Fourth Amendment.

According to Arizona vs. Gant, in order to have lawfully arrested Sanson, the Fourth Amendment requires that Officer Pinal demonstrate: (i) a threat to his safety posed by Sanson, or, (ii) a need to preserve evidence and prevent evidence tampering by Sanson.  However, the videotape clearly reveals that LVMPD could not make these threshold showings and one must presume this is why LVMPD graciously agreed to concede the match and settle-up.


As a result of the lawsuit, LVMPD has honorably agreed to provide remedial constitutional training for the arresting officer.  And this is terrific news!  It shows that LVMPD is sincere!  But wait a sec!  Stop right there!  Can we get some remedial constitutional training for, Family Court Judge’s Harter and Ochoa?  Srsly!

If they can provide constitutional training for police officers, then we need mandatory enrollment for all family court judges!  Why? —because the family court has become a “Constitution-free” zone!    Hopefully, the newly elected judges will change that.

We are also proud to announce that the Sanson incident will be featured in Concealed Carry Magazine!  And, the videotape of the incident will be used nationwide in CCW training. “OO-rah!”

And stay tuned, because the Citizen Review Board will soon render their take on the matter—which has been duly submitted and now awaits the Board’s consideration.

Finally, it is our intention to respectful to Officer Pinal and the good men and women at LVMPD.  Moving forward, we wish Officer Pinal and his family all the best—and we are incredibly pleased that Metro will henceforth include in its training manual the landmark decision, Arizona vs. Gant, which benefits everybody!

Indeed!  This is truly a win-win situation!  Outstanding!




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