Postpone our Family Court Town Hall Educational Forum

Our city has faced a tragic moment in American history.  The mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip has put a damper on the way we move forward in life. We are terrified that this cowardly act has merged its head. We would like to recognize the act of heroism amongst many Americans that were involved.  We pray for all that lost their lives and the many that have been harmed both physically and mentally.


Because of this we will postpone our Family Court Town Hall Educational Forum, until further notice. This forum was to educate litigants on the legal procedures in an effort to give them a better understanding of how the system works.


Our nation has many unresolved battles. We will continue to be a driving force no matter the obstacles that are placed before us, in an effort to help with the betterment of mankind.


Steve Sanson

President of Veterans In Politics International. Inc. ™

702 283 8088

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