Las Vegas City Council Special Election, Ward 5 Part 1-2

Veterans In Politics Endorsed Candidates:

Joseph “Joe” Mitchell


In Attendance:

Sheila Collins

Timothy V. Hicks

Patricia S. Messinger

Joseph “Joe” Mitchell

Randy Voyard

Saturday, March 3, 2018



Kevin Child Clark County School Board Trustee




Pastor Phillip Washington   Promise Land Community Church


Pledge of Allegiance:





Steve Sanson                VIPI President




Destiny Beavers




Michael McDonald               VIPI Legislative Council

Andre Haynes                        VIP Southern Nevada Auxiliary Director/ President of the Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce


Mantis Toboggan                  VIP Radio Co-Host

Rob Lauer                               US Army/Owner of 360 Daily

John Moore                           US Army/former Nv Assemblyman

Robert Foust                          US Army



Lunch will be served for all staff, panel, and moderator immediately after the endorsement interviews.


Veterans In Politics International, Inc.


Established in 1992:


The mission of Veterans In Politics International, Inc. is: To educate, organize, and awaken our veterans and their families to select, support and intelligently vote for those candidates whom would help create a better world, to protect ourselves from our own government(s) in a culture of corruption, and to be the political voice for those in other groups who do not have one. For information visit



The moderator for this event is Kevin Child Clark County School Board Trustee.




Ron “Q” for Clark County Treasurer, Real Water, Lakeside Business Suites and more to be announced.



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