Family Court Attorney uncovered in corruption!

The photo below was taken by Attorney Denise Gallagher in Family Dependency Court (Clark County Family Court Department 14 Hearing Master Jon Norheim) to capture the image of Steve Sanson President of Veterans In Politics International who is fighting the corruption that has plagued our Family Court System. This photo was taken without his permission and knowledge and more importantly without the court’s permission and knowledge.

The courts have very clear policies indicating that cell phone use or not allowed in the courtrooms (especially photos, even the media has to receive permission from the judge to capture photos).

In addition, she risked getting kicked out of the courtroom. Then Gallagher is stupid enough to post the photo onto Nevada Court Watchers Facebook page to have it ridiculed. This page is designed to discredit the work of Veterans In Politics International. Mr. Sanson does not know this attorney. So the question is why would this attorney who is deemed an Officer of the Court play these childish games?

Attorney Denise Gallagher


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