Vetting judicial candidates for Election 2020

Veterans in Politics International has been observing the Clark County Family Court every week since 2016. We are astonished as to what we have discovered.

From what we have witnessed, most judges in family court violate the United States Constitution. Either they don’t know what the constitution is, they don’t know how to apply the constitution, or they don’t give a damn when they violate it.

These judges violate pro-se-litigants’ rights to be heard and the right to present evidence. Sixty-five percent of litigants represent themselves in family court and these judges who appear to be beholden to powerful family law attorneys make it extremely difficult to represent yourself and strongly encourage litigants to obtain counsel.

Bad actor judges will use children as leverage to shut litigants up, they threaten litigants with contempt of court and jail time, they award the opposing parties with exorbitant attorney fees to financially cripple litigants, or they would label you as a vexatious litigant to prohibit litigants from filing any documents at all.

They use anything and everything to discourage litigants from representing themselves. So how can anyone receive a fair trial without selling their homes to hire attorneys?

We are confused as to the jurisdiction of a family court judge. Are they a civil or a criminal judge? When is a judge also the jury and executioner? Our judicial system was originally envisioned to avoid corruption, to avoid the bias of a bad judge, and to avoid conflict of interest so that litigants could get a fair trial.

A family court judge acts in the capacity of a criminal judge by incarcerating you. Where is your right to a jury trial? Where is your right to face your accusers? …and where is your right to be represented by counsel?
A family court judge is supposed to be a civil judge. When did they become criminal judges? Who gave family court judges jurisdiction to order drug and alcohol testing of litigants? Who gave family court judges authority to order a search warrant of litigants’ homes? Who gave family court judge authority to be debt collectors? Who gave a family court judges authority to order an IT person to go to a litigant’s home and go through their electronic devices including their cell phones, laptops, and desktop computers? Who denied litigants of their constitutional rights?

When did a judge’s discretion expand to completely ignore the law? These judges ignore federal laws, for example, the protection of military veteran service-connected disability benefits which are not to be used for anything, period! Bad judges violate the service member’s civil relief act. The law clearly indicates no action is to be brought on any veteran on orders out of the jurisdiction of the court. Why are these federal laws being abused?

Why are these judges violating the rule of evidence? They do not seem to even know what the rules of evidence are. Can anyone make up a Hollywood story that sounds convincing? Or does it just matter that it’ is being told by one of their attorney friends that is before them, so no evidence is needed? Bad judges abuse their discretion on a daily basis.

Why are there no child advocates? Why aren’t children allowed to be heard? Why can a family court judge terminate your parental rights, relocate your children across the country – or out of the country, and there is absolutely no jury to hear your case? Why aren’t there any jury boxes in family court? Is this a strategy to give these judges complete power over you?

Why do bad family court judges appoint extremely expensive third-party psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists, and force the litigants to pay for them? Why can’t a litigant use professionals that are covered by their own health insurance?

Why does a bad family court judge get away with arbitrarily locking the courtroom doors and kicking court observers out of the courtroom? The last time we checked judges are elected officials open to public scrutiny and they are receiving a check from taxpayers? Why do they feel that the law doesn’t apply to them? Why do family court judges take part in ex-parte communication?

Where is the outrage when they separate children from loving and nurturing parents?

We now understand why some attorneys and judges are trying to shut our organization down. It is because they don’t want us to expose them to the voting public. It is in the best interest of these attorneys to keep the corrupt judges in office. It is our civic duty to take a stand to correct these injustices.

These practices have been going on for so long that it is now normalized and judges in family court are covering for and conspiring with each other.

Where is our state-appointed judicial watchdog groups or the judicial Inspector General to actually walk into a courtroom and observe without waiting for someone to file a complaint?

For many years Veterans In Politics have supported many judges that are currently sitting on the family court bench. The corruption that has plagued this system of government has to stop. Families are being destroyed.

Litigants in family court are there for these judges to help them move forward with their lives, not to treat them as CRIMINALS and deplete all their finances to give to attorneys and experts.

We have taken a unique approach and have started the vetting process of judicial candidates as we will continue to do so until November 2020. If you feel that you have what it takes to bring back the motto of the family court bench “The Best Interest of the Child” give us a call.

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