Ex LVMPD Officer drops a bombshell on Family Court Juvenile Hearing Master

Clark County Nevada

October 24, 2019

Jesus Arevalo former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer who was terminated for the shooting death of unarmed Gulf War Veteran Stanley Gibson in 2011 contacts Steve Sanson President of Veterans In Politics International with an explosive voicemail message against Clark County Family Court Juvenile Hearing Master Margaret Pickard.

We were compelled to return his call, Arevalo discussed Pickard forcing parents to take co-parenting class with no sliding scale especially parents who are indigent and in addition Pickard being investigated for a porn site, Arevalo added that Pickard and her husband who is Republican State Senator Keith Pickard allegedly partners with the owner of the porn site.

Arevalo gave us permission to use his voicemail: (Listen to voicemail here: https://soundcloud.com/steve-sanson-552570644/ex-lvmpd-officer-drops-a-bombshell-on-family-court-hearing-master).

We have received numerous tips against many candidates that will attempt to become a judge in 2020. We are attempting to rid ourselves of corruption on the bench.

We must pay attention to all District Court Judge’s and Hearing Masters; all 52 Clark County District Court seats will be up for re-election and 6 newly added seats in January 2020.

We should also pay attention to Retired Judges who seek the appointment to the Senior Judge Program, it’s not automatic.

These judges will start campaigning this year and Hearing Masters would more than likely seek the position of judgeship.

Judicial candidates will start placing their names on the ballot in January 2020.

If you have any information that would help us in our endorsement process please contact Veterans In Politics at vipipresident@cs.com or 702 283 8088.


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