VETERANS Join the Class-Action Lawsuit

June 21, 2021


Veterans In Politics International has teamed up with 3M justice and filed a Tort Litigation for compensation for Veterans that have hearing issues. It will cost you nothing to add your name to the Class-Action lawsuit and get the compensation you deserve.

Please click on the link below:

Who we are:

We are doing outreach for the law firm group that is leading the lawsuit and trying the cases in the 3M Mass Tort litigation for veterans and active service members.  The military estimates 1-2 million people lost hearing or developed tinnitus due to defective earplugs between 2003-2015.

Why / Who Should File:

Anyone who served between 2003-2015 who has documented hearing loss or tinnitus (regardless of disability status) should file as the financial institutions underwriting the outcome of this case by financing attorneys and plaintiffs to get $7500-10,000 non-recourse advances estimates the average settlement will be between $75,000-400,000 USD.


Between: 2003-2015 3M was the exclusive supplier to the military and the earplugs were faulty as they didn’t fit properly, loosened, and fell out.  As a result, the military estimates there could be up to 2 million service members with hearing damage / Tinnitus.

The military sued 3M and then attorneys took 3M to trial and won settlements for 3 individuals.  Now there is a calling to arms for all military members who served between 2003-2015 with hearing damage.

Additional Information:

There are three ways veterans can potentially benefit financially from spreading the word about this:

  1. File a claim, they are simple to file and the cases are relatively easy for attorneys to demonstrate due to good record keeping by the VA / military.
  1. Claimants can receive between $7500-10,000 upfront before they receive a settlement that they only pay back if they win, their credit isn’t associated with the “non-recourse advance”.
  1. Spreading the word by passing on the web address below.

Click here to join this lawsuit:


Steve Sanson

President of Veterans In Politics International

PO BOX 28211

Las Vegas, Nv 89126

702 283 8088

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