“Alleged Conspiracy: Victoria Seaman’s Role in False Veterans Endorsement”



Las Vegas, NV – April 1, 2024 – In a startling development, allegations have surfaced involving Las Vegas Councilwoman Victoria Seaman, Donna Lee, and Byron Brooks in a purported conspiracy to attain an endorsement from a Political Action Committee (PAC) engaged in copyright infringement. The PAC in question, operating under the name “Nevada Veterans Association PAC,” is legally owned by Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) and is currently embroiled in litigation within the Eighth Judicial District Court (Nevada Veterans Association vs. Donna Lee et al., Case No. A-22851779-C). This revelation comes amidst the collaborative efforts of four prominent veteran and veteran service organizations in Clark County, Nevada. Veterans in Politics International (VIPI), Armed Forces Chamber PAC, Nevada Democratic Veterans and Military Families Caucus, and Nevada Veterans Association have united to provide joint veteran endorsements to political candidates in the 2024 elections. Leading the pack of endorsed candidates is former seven-term U.S. Congresswoman and former CEO and Provost of Touro University College, Shelley Berkley, the frontrunner for Las Vegas Mayor. Recent polls and surveys indicate that Las Vegas Councilwoman Victoria Seaman trails significantly behind Berkley, occupying a distant fourth place. In light of her lagging position, reports suggest that Seaman aggressively pursues any veteran endorsement to bolster her campaign. The collaboration of these veteran organizations marks a historic moment for Nevada, demonstrating unity and solidarity within the veteran community. By joining forces, they aim to provide a unified voice in endorsing candidates prioritizing veteran issues and concerns. Commenting on the collaboration, a spokesperson for the coalition stated, “Our collective endorsement signifies a commitment to supporting candidates who understand and advocate for the needs of our veteran community. We stand together to ensure our voices are heard and our interests represented.”As the legal battle over the Nevada Veterans PAC continues, the integrity of endorsements and political affiliations remains a focal point in the upcoming elections.


Nevada Veterans Association was formed in 2015, not in 1996; this was a misleading representation in the letter written by Donna Lee to candidates in this election (see the Nevada Secretary of State filing). The organization initially came into existence as a weapon to minimize Veterans In Politics International, Inc. endorsements of candidates.


In Closing, a cease and desist letter is served upon Donna Lee and Byron Brooks, attorney of record. In addition, we will seek an injunction and sanctions against the parties and anyone who uses the name “Nevada Veterans Association” and logo without our written approval.

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