Veterans In Politics International Official Endorsement 2018

Veterans in Politics

All Candidates were invited, 89 Candidates participated and not afraid of total transparency; 35 Endorsements.


We would like to thank all the candidates that participated. All interviews are videotaped and can be found on


On behalf of the men and women of Veterans In Politics we have endorsed the following candidates in a nonpartisan effort:


Federal Seats:

United States, Congress District 1

Reuben D’Silva


United States, Congress District 3

Annette Teijeiro


United States, Congress District 4

Bill Townsend


Nevada Judge:

Justice of the Supreme Court, Seat C    

Leon Aberasturi, Judge


Justice of the Peace, Boulder TOWNSHIP                                       

Victor Lee Miller, Judge


Justice of the Peace, Las Vegas TWNSH Department 15 

Robert Kurth


Nevada Constitution Seats: 

Nevada State, Governor

Ryan Bundy


Nevada State, Lieutenant Governor

Brent A. Jones


Nevada Attorney General

Craig Mueller


Nevada State Controller

Ron Knecht


Nevada State Senate: 

State Senate, District 2

Calvin “Cal” Border


State Senate, District 20

Paul Aizley


Nevada State Assembly:

Nevada State Assembly District 2

Jim Small


Nevada State Assembly District 4

Kenneth Rezendes


Nevada State Assembly District 5

Mack Miller


Nevada State Assembly District 10

Noel Searles


Nevada State Assembly District 12

Anat “Annette” Levy


Nevada State Assembly District 18

Richard E. Hawkins


State Assembly, District 20

Michael L. McDonald


State Assembly, District 21

Cherlyn Arrington


State Assembly, District 23

Matt McCarthy


State Assembly, District 29

Stephen M. Silberkraus


State Assembly, District 35

Daniel Hofstein


State Assembly, District 37

Jim Marchant



Nevada University Regent:

Regent, State University District 1

Jo Cato


Clark County Seats:

Clark County, Commissioner District F

Mitchell T. Tracy


Clark County, Commissioner District G

Cindy Lake


Clark County, District Attorney

Steve Wolfson


Clark County, Sheriff

Tim Bedwell


Clark County Clerk

Lynn Marie Goya


Clark County Recorder

Debbie Conway


Clark County Assessor

Briana Johnson


Clark County Public Administrator

Robert Telles


Trustee, Clark County School Board District F

Mike Thomas


Township Constable:

Constable, North Las Vegas Township

Jimmy Vega

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