Veterans In Politics Court Observers  Monday, March 18, 2019

Veterans In Politics Court Observers Monday, March 18, 2019

On Monday, March 18, 2019, Veterans In Politics Court Observers Victoria Herrit, Ethan Sanchez, Clever Sangalaza, Etina Sangalaza, Frank Rose, Sabrina Nichole, and Steve Sanson, observed the following Clark County District Court Judges Family-Division:

Judge Bryce Duckworth, both parties are pro-se-litigant’s the judge was fair and cordial amongst both parties.

Judge Denise Gentile, immediately after court observers walked into the courtroom, the alarm was sounded attorneys on both sides requested a “Closed Hearing” as if tax dollars weren’t paying for the courtroom. In the matter of Ferraro vs. Nace case number D-10-426817-D; More to come.

Judge Bill Henderson, first case mom was a pro-se-litigant and dad was with counsel in a child support hearing. Second case husband a no-show and wife is a pro-se-litigant. Judge Henderson issued an order to sell the parties residential property. The wife can sell the property without the husband’s signature although both parties are on the home and mortgage. Judge Henderson thoroughly explained the situation to the wife.

Judge Cheryl Moss, the first case had a Spanish interpreter for both parties and both parties were pro-se-litigants. The father is from Columbia. Judge Moss ordered the CPS records and temporary joint custody. Second case Nguyen vs. Phongbouphasam case number D-18-577869-D; the husband is a pro-se-litigant with a heavy far eastern accent. The husband is requesting that the court deports his wife back to Vietnam. The husband is requesting alimony, but the wife doesn’t have a job and the parties have been married less than 18 months. There are no children and no property between the parties, but the wife is pregnant with someone else’s child. The husband is a Casino Slot Operator at McCarran Airport with monthly earnings of $2,500 per month, he wants to take his wife completely off of his medical insurance. Judge Moss asked both parties if they would like to move forward with the divorce today, the wife’s attorney said absolutely, but the husband would like to delay the divorce until September so he can find a lawyer because he believes he is being ambushed. Judge Moss asked for a return date in July and the husband said he already has a planned vacation to the Middle Eastern country of Dubai. The video is on order, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Many family courtrooms were locked and docket screens empty.

We must pay attention to all District Court Judge’s and Hearing Masters; all 52 Clark County District Court seats will be up for re-election in January 2020.

We should also pay attention to Retired Judges who seek the appointment to the Senior Judge Program, it’s not automatic.

These judges will start campaigning in June 2019 immediately after the Municipal Elections and Hearing Masters would more than likely seek the position of judgeship.

If anyone would like to be a court observer please contact Steve Sanson 702 283 8088, don’t wait until you become a victim of Clark County Family Court. Educate yourself today!

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