The Curious Case of Carli Lynn Kierny

Clark County Nevada

October 12, 2020

 DATELINE—Las Vegas, Nev., (Oct 12, 2020):  Carli Lynn Kierny is a candidate for Clark County Judge Dept. 2; she is running against Judge Richard Scotti.  She now works with the public defender’s office.

She has been an attorney for only ten (10) years; and, at just 38 years of age, some folks are wondering whether she has sufficient life experience to be a District Court Judge.  Ms. Kierny is a charming lady and a well-spoken lawyer.  For the past ten years, she has been practicing in Clark County; two years prior, Ms. Kierny practiced in Illinois.

However, Veterans In Politics wants to know—

  1. What kind of attorney chooses a career of representing mostly sexual predators of children for the last ten (10) ten years?


  1. What kind of attorney is so cold-hearted? —to continuously help criminals who sexually assault children?


  1. What type of person stays on a sexual assault defense team without requesting a transfer to other types of crimes?


  1. Is Ms. Kierny unqualified for other assignments?


  1. Why does she wish to have a judicial assignment?


  1. Is Ms. Kierny qualified to handle contract cases? Car accident cases?  Medical malpractice cases?  Wrongful termination cases?  Real estate?  First Amendment cases?  Partnership disputes?


If elected judge, will Ms. Kierny actually protect our children?  Notably, Ms. Kierny did NOT get the endorsement of any law enforcement agency—and this fact speaks volumes.


To her credit, Ms. Kierny has done a grand total of 41 jury trials, which means Ms. Kierny likely possesses a keen understanding of the rules of evidence.

Curiously, Ms. Kierny hired Tom Letizia, a campaign consultant; but it begs the question—what kinds of consulting does Tom Letizia provide?

According to Nevada Secretary of State, Ms. Kierny paid $15k to Tom Letizia?  But, for what exactly?  What does $15k buy-in a primary election?  Two box seats behind home plate at Dodger stadium?


The Dept. 2 contest was a four-way horse race!  Let’s break it down.  On Day One, it was a two-way horse race featuring Ms. Carli Lynn Kierny versus Mr. Dustin Marcello.  Obviously, both of these candidates were “in it” to “win it!”  Why? —because these candidates entered the race on Day One! —so you know they’re serious about winning.

But who is Dustin Marcello?  During the primary, Marcello loaned $27k to his own campaign!  But then he paid only $9,000 to the world-famous David V. Thomas aka the “Judge Maker”, now that nickname by itself is a joke—the ex-lawyer who admits that he calls candidates on the telephone and urges them to not run against rival candidates who pay him large sums of money. Money talks bull-shit walks!


Rumor ‘round the campfire is that David V. Thomas calls judges on the telephone—and tries to dissuade them from running for reelection.  And this rumor carries an audible ring of truth!  The way we see it, facts can be so misleading!  But rumors, true or false, are often revealing!

We believe this kind of conduct by David V. Thomas—phoning candidates and urging them NOT to run against other candidates who pay him money—is grounds for a criminal investigation.  No person should ever contact a candidate, especially a sitting judge, and attempt to dissuade them from running for office.  How would he take it, if someone called his wife Judge Nancy Allf, and requested she bow out from her judicial district court seat?

With the likes of David V. Thomas plying his trade, we will never have a fair judiciary.  And we demand both a fair judiciary—and an inquiry into the corrupting influences of David V. Thomas.


Vegas odds-makers set the odds heavily in favor of Kierny over Marcello.  Why? —because Kierny paid $15k to Letizia, while Marcello paid only $9,000 to Thomas.  The fact is, Marcello never stood a chance.  Why? —because he didn’t pay enough dough to David V. Thomas.  Marcello was about $30,000 short.

The reader may recall the 2017 municipal election where Cara Campbell (a Letizia marker), ran against Heidi Almase (a David V. Thomas marker).  As it turned out, Campbell gave a whole pile of money to Letizia, and Thomas apparently couldn’t handle the fact that Almase paid less.

Most remarkably, Cara Campbell spent over $151,000 on Letizia!  When Thomas learned how much Campbell had paid Letizia, Thomas demanded that Almase immediately pay $30,000 or else.  Almase didn’t pay-up, so Thomas dropped Almase like a hot rock!  So much for client loyalty!  LoL!  And, despite the fact that Almase had a contract with Thomas to pay $2,000/mo., Almase never sued Thomas for breach of contract. It’s not too late Heidi!

The 2020 Dept. 2 race would have been more accurately billed as Letizia vs. Thomas.  As it turned out, Letizia bled his client dry harder than Thomas did, and Letizia naturally won the bout—by TKO!


Next thing you know, Barbara Schifalacqua enters the race—at 3:1 odds.  But this is curious; why enter a 3-way race?  Why didn’t Schifalacqua instead enter another race against one opponent—at even odds?

Barbara hit the ground running!  She loaned $25k to her own campaign.  (She would later re-pay $5,600 to herself.)

Barbara paid $44k to CONSILI, INC.  But wait a sec—what is Consili, Inc.?  Well, according to their Twitter Acct., Consili, Inc. is: “Nevada’s premier Democratic campaign management and government affairs agency.”  Democrats?  Jesus, Mary ‘n Joseph!  It’s supposed to be a non-political race, right?

Barbara must be a Democrat!  Uh-oh!  So, why did Barbara pay $44k to the Democratic Party?  One has to wonder how much of Barbara’s $25k loan came from Democratic Party supporters!  But wait just a minute—this is supposed to be a non-partisan race, right?


And then, the incumbent, Judge Richard Frank Scotti enters the race—to reclaim his seat on the bench.

And then, with the primary election just around the corner, Barbara Schifalacqua suddenly withdrew from the race, apparently, sometime in June, on the eve of the primary.  But why would Barbara Schifalacqua withdraw on the eve of the primary?  We were unable to reach Barbara for a comment.


After the primary election, on June 9, 2020, the two front runners turned out to be Carli Lynn Kierny and Judge Richard Frank Scotti—who will be the featured contestants on the November ballots!

And this is why Veterans In Politics International, Inc. supports Judge Richard Scotti for reelection to Clark County Judge, Dept. 2.  Carli Kierny lacks real-world experience; in sharp contrast, Judge Richard Scotti possesses a depth of knowledge and understanding that makes him ideally suited to be retained as Clark County Judge.


Veterans In Politics International, Inc. supports Judge Richard Scotti for Clark County Judge, Dept. 2.  Judge Scotti has real-world experience!  Judge Scotti has compassion.  Judge Scotti is the right choice for Clark County Judge!  Let’s return Judge Scotti to the bench. A constitutionalist with empathy, knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. See video interview:  Richard SCOTTI A Judge for the people!



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