Chuck Muth, Former Republican Party Chair, made a racist statement!

Nye County Nevada

March 10, 2024



Sixty-four-year-old Charles Anthony Muth, many known him as Chuck Muth. A Know-It-All Narcissist.

Muth claims he only ran for candidacy once, and his opponent was Dina Titus.

Muth teaches candidates classes on how to run elections as a self-proclaimed Campaign Doctor.

Muth doesn’t even know what political party he wants to claim; he goes from Libertarian to Republican, whatever fits his current needs.

Muth is more like a Political Whore; wherever the mighty dollar takes him, that’s who he supports. He is currently whoring for Nevada’s Governors PAC. Muth has no moral fiber or loyalty.

On Friday, February 23, 2024, at the Nye County Lincoln Day Dinner, Nevada’s Governor Joe Lombardo was the Keynote speaker among many candidates, judges, and elected officials; an estimated 300 people came to this function.

Muth, the Master of Ceremonies, decided to call people on stage from the audience; about six African Americans were in attendance.

From the stage, Chuck Muth told Tony Grady, an African American Military Veteran, a former Airforce Officer, and a candidate for U.S. Senator, “Come on up on stage; we need some color up here.”

Martin Luther King campaigned for years that it shouldn’t be the color of your skin but the content of your character.

People like Chuck Muth are the people who make the Republican Party look like a racist organization.

Why? Because the leadership in the Republican Party normalizes this type of behavior and makes minorities feel worthless.

B. Taylor, African American singer-songwriter and Veteran Global Ambassador was embracing the Republican party and wanted to donate his talent money and bring on board A-List rap stars to join the party, such names as Ray-J and Snoop Dog.. but the party shunned him as if he didn’t matter.

It is my opinion that Chuck Muth is a racist, and he covers it up with humor or makes it seem like it’s no big deal.

How would he know what racial discrimination looks like because he has been white all his life?

Muth owes every minority in the room an apology.

I was present when this incident occurred, and I speak with first-hand knowledge!

Steve Sanson

President of Veterans In Politics International, Inc

USMC Disabled Gulf War Veteran

702 283 8088

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