PUBLIC LETTER: Keystone Leaders shun U.S. Senate candidate and Broker Stephanie Phillips for a Carpetbagger/RINO!


March 4, 2024

This message concerns Keystone Corp, your Board of directors, and members. It’s pretty well known some of your board members and general membership support Sam Brown for the U.S. Senate.

Your organization’s mission states the following:

To recruit, support, and advocate for candidates for public office who support private sector job creation, low taxation, a responsible regulatory environment, and effective delivery of essential state services.

On the Keystone website, you describe your organization as such:

Keystone’s leaders do not take their role lightly. Through rigorous interviews and research, the Board selects pro-business candidates who share Keystone’s ideals and will not succumb to pressure to increase taxation in the State. The Board meets to approve candidates for endorsements as part of the selection process.

Keystone is a major player in the Nevada electoral process. In an age where free enterprise and free markets are under siege by left-wing socialists and bureaucracy, we stand as a rock-solid defender of Nevada’s business and entrepreneurial community.  The Board meets to approve candidates for endorsement as part of the selection process.

As a “major player” in the Nevada electoral process, I find it interesting that no one from your corporation has called the business owner and real estate broker, Stephanie Phillips, for an interview.

Phillips has been self-employed and a business owner for most of her life. She is a true Nevadan who has lived in and contributed to the growth and betterment of the Las Vegas community for over 30 years.

I would think this type of Candidate would spark your interest rather than a candidate who doesn’t own a business, who is a carpetbagger, who has run multiple failed campaigns, and who knows nothing about negotiating.

Stephanie Phillips not only knows about business, but she also knows people and has incredible skills in successfully negotiating deals with individuals from all walks of life.  She is an organizer and leader.

Phillips has signed the no new tax pledge. You, as an organization, want to ensure taxes remain low.  Everything you say you stand for and promote describes Stephanie Phillips to a ‘T’; however, you don’t call her or request an interview.

You all know being as ‘politically intelligent’ as you are, Sam will never beat Jacky. Have you considered the lawsuit against Sam in Texas and the ethics complaint against Sam?

Do you know he has received donations from ActBlue, the Democrats?

If you don’t know about these things, research it.  How about supporting the Candidate? We know we can beat Jacky with Stephanie Phillips!

Your organization is comprised of many successful and wealthy business owners and people who are politically involved and claim to be knowledgeable about Nevada politics.

Phillips should have been your first phone call for people with impressive knowledge and backgrounds.

You should also know that Sam Brown is McConnell’s handpicked puppet of a candidate.

You know that being endorsed by such a RINO, Sam’s votes will only go to please Mitch, not the Nevada voters.

I am here to tell you it doesn’t matter about money, it doesn’t matter about endorsements, this is about the Nevada voter.

Nevadans will choose who they think will promote Nevada’s best interest, not Mitch McConnell’s.

It’s time to move away from the establishment and look at this political outsider, Stephanie Phillips, who has been a community member for over three decades. Her children were born and raised here. She has contributed much to the betterment and growth of this community and has allowed many to work in the real estate business by way of her business.

Additionally, Phillips has a nonprofit that she began to help hungry and trafficked children in our valley, donated thousands and thousands of dollars to, and volunteered countless hours of her time to other children’s charities over the years.

You have all overlooked an incredible candidate much more qualified than Sam Brown.

Phillips is not self-serving; she is not arrogant; she is extremely humble, a hard worker, and a dedicated military mom, and she will bring Nevada’s agenda to Washington.  She will fight for Nevada, not for the establishment, mega-donors, or Mitch McConnell, as Brown must do.

Stephanie will make Nevada proud as the first Republican Woman ever elected to the United States Senate from the State of Nevada.

Click Here to see Board Members:

Thank you for listening.

Steve Sanson

USMC Disabled Gulf War Veteran

President of Veterans In Politics International, INC.

702 283 8088

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