Certified Public Accountant explains the dos and don’ts when you file your taxes!

Clark County Nevada

February 20, 2021


Veterans In Politics video internet talk-show interviewed Marc Dupras managing member and Certified Public Accountant for The Dupras Group.


Dupras said that their main clientele is small business owners.


Dupras explains that if you have a second property it should be converted into a business either by renting it out or convert it into commercial because you can write off every expense for that property including all utility costs.


Dupras explains that there are lots of credits and programs that many of us don’t know about from solar credits to student loan interest.


Dupras offers a discount to military veterans and first responders.



Please click on the link below to view their website and interview, educate yourself:


The Dupras Group LLC



Marc Dupras Managing Member/CPA The Dupras Group on Veterans In Politics Video Internet talk-show




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