Should we have Municipal or Township School Districts?

Legislatures give this some thought!

Clark County Nevada

April 4, 2021

Veterans In Politics video internet talk-show interviewed Lisa Mayo community activist & Annette Dawson former school teacher discuss (CSI) Community School Initiative.

Dawson stated that she has met with every municipality to create CSI. Dawson explains that municipalities or townships need to have more control over the education within their communities and continues that they deserve to have an option to opt-out of the current school district.

Mayo explains that our current school district is overcrowded and stated that she would like to have this session legislators adopt their proposal.

We have been throwing money at this issue for years and we still haven’t learned. Let’s try something different to improve our children’s education!

Please watch this amazing interview and see if they can convince you.

Lisa Mayo & Annette Dawson discuss Community School Initiative on the Veterans In Politics Talk Show

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