Lt. Colonol Tony Grady said education is key for new business as he seeks the office of Nevada’s Lt. Governor!

Clark County Nevada

January 30, 2022


Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Tony Grady candidate for Nevada’s Lieutenant Governor.

Grady graduated from High School In Bangkok Thailand. His father was in foreign service.

Grady an engineer by trade was a Test Pilot in the US Air Force and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Grady came from humble beginnings and placed a great emphasis on education and he is outraged that our state ranks 49th in education.

The host chimed in and stated that an uneducated workforce will never attract new business to Nevada.

Grady said that he would use his position as Lt. Governor to help educate our children and to bring more trade jobs to our state.

Grady said that he would be the right hand of the Governor and he would attempt to influence the Governor’s decision on key issues while upholding the Nevada Constitution.

Grady sees himself as a constitutionist.

Please visit Tony Grady’s website for more information:

Grady for Nevada

Please click on the link to view this interview:

Tony Grady candidate for Nevada’s Lt.Governor on the Veterans In Politics Video Internet talk-show

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