Nevada Veterans Organization unloads on Sheriff Joseph Lombardo for flip-flopping on major issues, dodging debates, and leaving many questions unanswered.

Nevada Veterans Organization unloads on Sheriff Joseph Lombardo for flip-flopping on major issues, dodging debates, and leaving many questions unanswered.


Steve Sanson, President of Veterans In Politics, and Stephanie L. Phillips, guest co-host of the Veterans in Politics podcast sit down to discuss the issues which Nevada Voters have a right to know from the Gubernatorial candidate Joseph Lombardo and demand transparency.

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Steve Sanson, President of Veterans in Politics begins with the fact that Joe Lombardo scheduled twice to come in for an interview with Veterans in Politics yet canceled both times.  Lombardo has been dubbed “No Show Joe” by many with similar behavior of not showing up to many debates between the gubernatorial candidates held all over the State of Nevada since January. What is Joe afraid of?  Does he think he’s above debates since he has the most money raised and he feels he’s on cruise control through the primaries?  Tell us, Joe.  Nevada wants to know.


Secondly, the NVGOP at the State Convention Saturday, April 30, 2022, voted to endorse Joey Gilbert for Governor rather than Trump-endorsed Joseph Lombardo.  That ought to tell us something. The people of Nevada don’t want the same ole establishment politician. Nevada voters do not want RINOs in office any longer.  We The People want a candidate who is a TRUE conservative – one who will fight to restore our rights and uphold the Constitution.  That candidate is Joey Gilbert and most certainly not Joseph Lombardo.  Joe Lombardo’s campaign put out a request to his supporters he would pay for their ticket to the State Convention so they could be a delegate and vote to endorse him.  Not sure any other candidate paid for delegates’ votes.

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In an interview with a reporter and Lombardo, she asks him if he were governor would he have shut down businesses he quickly answers with a “no”, then the next second he says well hold on, “Yes I would”.  Which is it, Joe? Would you lock down our State and our businesses and deem some non-essential?


Lombardo has flip-flopped on vaccine mandates as well.  He implemented vaccine mandates for all his new hires in 2021 yet just recently canceled those mandates. Why is that?  Simply because mandates are not popular amongst Republicans and it would hurt the campaign?  We believe it is all for show and he’s doing this all for the optics of his campaign.  Joe is not a true conservative.


The Second Amendment was also brought up on the Veterans in Politics show where guest co-host Stephanie L. Phillips read from an article written by the Sun back in 2016 where Lombardo says “there’s no need to have a high capacity magazine”.  That doesn’t sound like a gun rights advocate as he is trying to portray himself to be now that he’s running for Governor.


Lombardo has put out an ad on his Facebook page recently regarding election integrity and how we must protect our elections.  That seems strange since not long ago he stated in an interview he saw ‘no widespread voter fraud’ and also “Biden is the duly elected President”.  Which is it, Joe?  Is he just putting this out there now because he got the Trump endorsement?  We all know how President Trump feels about the 2020 election.


Further information on Joe Lombardo and his family donating to the Sisolak campaign back in 2018 was discussed.  How can you call yourself a conservative Republican yet support a Democrat?  Joe donated the maximum of $5,000.00 along with his Sheriff’s campaign at the time donating another $1,000.00 and more from Lombardo’s family members.

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Another huge topic of discussion was the Route 91 investigation.  Why was that shut down so quickly?  The silence was deafening.  Nevada also would like to know where the money went from the Go Fund Me account set up for the victims of the Route 91 shooting.  It’s reported a whopping $30 Million was raised yet not all were given to the shooting victims.  Where did the rest of it go?  Was that account audited?  Probably should have been.  If there is nothing to hide and if none of that money went into Joe’s pocket as he claims, then an audit shouldn’t be withheld from the People.


The discussion turned to when BLM was rioting here in Las Vegas and the question was raised about what was discussed between Lombardo and Governor Sisolak at the time regarding bringing in the National Guard to protect our streets.  Would that have prevented the shooting of one of Metro’s officers, Shay Mikalonis?  We’ll never know.  Why wasn’t the National Guard deployed?  Was it Lombardo’s recommendation to the Governor that they were unnecessary at the time?  Nevada wants to know Joe.


Also discussed was the exponential rise in crime in the Las Vegas valley. The murder rate is up about 49%, personal property crime is up, and assault is up yet Joe says when he’s Governor he’ll fix the crime issue.


Well, why not fix it now as Sheriff Joe?  You don’t get a promotion when you’re failing at your current job.  Lombardo also removed Metro from the ICE program where they would report jail inmates that are up for deportation.  Among conservative Republicans, this move has earned him the nickname “Sanctuary Joe”.


Steve Sanson closes with “you’re stupid if you think Joseph Lombardo is best for this State”.   A TRUE conservative would never be in favor of mandates, restrictive gun laws, or red flag laws, and never in favor of shutting down businesses classifying them as non-essential.  The truth is folks Joseph Lombardo is simply a RINO and not a constitutional conservative like Joey Gilbert.  Lombardo is just another Democrat like Steve Sisolak in “republican clothing”.


Joey Gilbert is the TRUE conservative voice in this Governor’s race. We must not repeat another four years with another ‘democrat’ in an office which is what electing Joe Lombardo would mean. Joey Gilbert is our only chance at a true conservative voice in Nevada.  Go to to donate to Joey’s campaign.

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