Family Court Attorney Marshal Willick pays Sanson $175,000 to settle case!

Clark County, Nevada

March 5, 2023

Family Court Attorney Marshal Willick pays Sanson $175,000 to settle case!

Clark County, Nevada

March 5, 2023


Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) and its President Steve Sanson, have settled their third Anti-SLAPP lawsuit (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation). This time against megalomaniac family law attorney Marshal Willick.

Willick is known to bully, sue, defame, dox, harass, and intimidate people he doesn’t like until he gets his way, but this time he ultimately had to cough up $175,000 to Steve Sanson in a case that has been going on since 2017.

Attorney Marshal Willick along with his girlfriend, attorney Jennifer Abrams, are emblematic of the chronic problems that plague the family court. In early 2017, Sanson criticized abuses in the Clark County Family Courts and declared WAR on it. As part of that war, Sanson published a courtroom video of Abrams’ sketchy courtroom conduct. The video was highly embarrassing for Abrams (view video: Jennifer Abrams Nevada Attorney attacks a Clark County Family Court Judge in Open Court

Sanson then exposed embarrassing details of a tier 2 registered sex offender openly working in Willick’s family law office.

Sanson was a threat to their family Court racket, so in an apparent effort to stifle his efforts, Willick and Abrams both filed frivolous lawsuits against Sanson and VIPI alleging everything from defamation to civil conspiracy.

As the cases made their way through the courts, Willick told a group, “We have to do something about Sanson’s war on the family court to protect the judges.” The net result was that Willick and Abrams recruited a couple of online trolls: former addict Mark DiCiero and paralegal David Schoen, to dox and harass Sanson – along with any other family court litigants they believed to be associated with him or VIPI. They did this through an online group called Nevada Court Watchers or “NCW” – and later a political action committee called “NCW PAC” which was a companion group that threatened judicial candidates who even dared to speak to Sanson.

The cases hit their peak when Willick, in coordination with either a vulnerable or in our opinion corrupt judge, arranged a kangaroo hearing where Sanson was falsely accused of attempting to influence a case. The video of this hearing was widely publicized in an attempt to discredit Sanson ( view video: BRYCE DUCKWORTH FAMILY COURT JUDGE STORMS OFF THE BENCH

Despite her extraordinarily poor taste in suitors, to her credit, Abrams was the smarter of the two settling with Sanson and his organization for $155,000 in June 2021.

As usual, Willick is not so smart. He only opened his checkbook following three failed settlement conferences, multiple failed trips to the Nevada Supreme Court for appeals, and a failed attempt to dismiss his so-called airtight case against Sanson and VIPI. When it finally became clear that Sanson would not bow to intimidation.  At one point remarkably Willick had the entire Eighth Judicial District Court Bench disqualified. In addition, Willick changed attorneys several times.

With no way out, Willick finally gave in and settled with Steve Sanson and Veterans In Politics International.

Sanson and his organization were sued by these attorneys because he championed, exposed, and provided solutions for the corruption that plagued the Eighth Judicial District Court Clark County Family Division. The same corruption that some unscrupulous family law attorneys profit from.

Sanson and VIPI have sparked a whirlwind of citizens rising and banding together. Many litigants thought that they were alone. Many litigants were afraid to speak out because their judge essentially kept their children hostage.

Before VIPI began exposing the corruption in the Clark County Family Court, it was hardly spoken about. Sanson and VIPI gave this issue its undivided attention to expose the cancer of Family Court holding several public protests outside the family courthouse, educating litigants on their rights, getting corrupt family court judges removed from office, and exposing again and again how unethical attorneys and judges arbitrarily seal cases to shield their unethical and unlawful behavior from the public.

The cost to Willick and Abrams was not inconsequential. The total paid to Sanson by Willick and Abrams so far is $330,000. This doesn’t even include the money Willick and Abrams spent on their own attorneys in their failed attempts to silence VIPI.”

Veterans In Politics International will never stop exposing corruption, will not stop endorsing good candidates for elected seats, will not stop educating litigants on how to defend themselves in family court, and will not stop promoting legislation that is going to once and for all rid us of the corruption that has plagued our family court system for decades.



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