Stephanie L. Phillips US Senate candidate a warrior for Nevada!

The Great State of Nevada

April 12, 2023

We have searched high and low looking for a candidate that will serve all Nevadans in the United States Senate.

Finally, we have found a candidate that won’t just follow the status quo, who won’t be a bench warmer on the Senate floor, that won’t tell you what you want to hear, that has the intellectual ability, common courtesy, respect for the voters, knowledgeable, passionate, diplomatic, compassionate, true leadership, and have the wherewithal to get the job done.

Many are intimidated by Phillips’s warrior beauty at first glance, but don’t let that fool you. Phillips is a Lion when it comes to putting Nevada first.

Republican Recycling Candidates:

The Republican Party has a reputation for “Recycling Candidates”. If a candidate fails to win a lower echelon race, the next election cycle that same candidate is now running for a higher seat only to lose again.

If the Nevada State Republican Party is serious about taking this US Senate seat they need to do the following:

  1. They need an intelligent woman who has never filed for public office.
  2. They need to convince all males and perennial candidates to stay out of the primary.
  3. They need to convince the Libertarian and Independent American Party to stay out of the General Election.
  4. Most importantly they need to put all resources behind one candidate in the Primary Election.

If the Republican Party follows this simple advice Stephanie L. Phillips will be that warrior for Nevada in the United States Senate who will unite all Americans.


A Message from Stephanie Phillips:

I am a proud Blue Star Mom, small business owner, and Patriot. I have spent my entire career in real estate for 30 years in Las Vegas. 

As a single mother of two for the last 16 years, I understand the struggles many faces. I understand financial devastation and a struggling business in a down economy. 

I watched the last two years as our schools, businesses, and churches were closed, heard our government deem most small businesses non-essential, watched our kids be masked against their will, then heard them say Americans must get a shot to keep their jobs. 

That is when I finally had enough and decided change starts with us…. the private sector… hard-working Americans like myself. Career self-serving politicians in Washington are NOT the answer. I want to leave a thriving, united, and prosperous Nation for my kids and their kids. Change starts here and now. 

I am going to be the Representative for Nevada like no one has ever seen. 

I will put all Nevadan’s First for a change instead of the establishment Washington politician whose political career, appetite for power, and hunger for money come before YOU! 

The reckless spending sprees we have seen in recent years send our money abroad before taking care of our own and that will stop with me.  

I will ask Nevadans what is important to them and will serve my constituents as public servants are so elected to do.  

Far too often politicians put their agendas before “We The People”.  I will fight for a better and safer Nevada, not only for you but for all our kids! They are counting on us! 



This US Senate seat is the highest in the 2024 ballot. We need to take this seat very seriously!

A vote for Stephanie Phillips will be a vote for freedom, liberty, and the Constitution.  Less government and more of We The People.

Get involved…we have a Country to save.  United, we can make a difference!

Please visit and donate now.  Stephanie needs your help!  Any amount is appreciated.  Thank you!


For More Information:

Stephanie Phillips ForNevada announces her candidacy for US SENATE visit


Stephanie Phillips The WARRIOR MOM fights for our children!


Stephanie L. Phillips in a passionate message to the Nevada State and Clark County Republican Party

Stephanie Phillips candidate for US Senate and balls-of-steel introduced herself to Jacky Rosen US Senator and said: “I am your Republican challenger in the 2024 election and will unseat you”. it’s time REPUBLICANS work together and stops recycling candidates that lost races in prior elections!!

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