Prez of Veterans In Politics view on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

My name is Steve Sanson, President of Veterans In Politics International. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, became an American Citizen and served America in two branches of our military.

I continue to serve my country today by educating voters on candidates running for elected seats, exposing political corruption, and championing legislation for human rights.

I am sick and tired of why our government has immigration laws on the books and refuses to enforce them.

Some of these Politicians we have in DC are worthless;

They fight against each other instead of helping the American People.

They are elected by us, not by any other country; they swore to the American people.

I have a few questions for our DC politicians.

Do you leave your home or office unsecured?

No, you don’t because you value what’s inside and want to ensure it’s there when you return.

America is my home. America is my office.

And if I were a DC politician, I would treat America like my home and office.

I would lock it up and want to know who is coming in and out of my home.

Excuse my language, but what the fuck is up with these politicians.

That refuses to protect our home.

We should start filing lawsuits in Federal Court and sue the government If any Americans get injured or killed by illegals entering this country.

We, the people, should be able to sue our Federal Government for failing to keep illegals out of this country.

Our government sends trillions of dollars to countries worldwide and provides a haven, money, medical care, food, and housing to illegals.

And then we fail our people, especially.

The ones who fought for your freedom. What crap!

Veterans have fought for our country and continue fighting to get their disability benefits, like Desert Storm Veteran Kenneth Wegner.

And illegals, all they have to do is cross over the fucking border!?

Border Patrol apprehended over 180 illegals on the FBI’s Terrorist Watch List.

How many of these illegals are on the FBI’s Terrorist Watch List, crossed over onto our soil, and are amongst us today?

The next war with America is going to come from within!

When I was in the military, we knew what the enemy wore and where they were.

Today, in America, the enemy is all around us!

And some of these DC politicians have taken bribes and sold out the American People.

I Do not want to hear the bullshit defense about illegals being here for a better life.

Stay in your country and help them become Americanized because you can’t fix your country if you run.

And if you come to America, Learn our language and fly our flag!

I do not want to hear that illegals do the jobs Americans don’t like.

Tell the illegals to get a work visa, and the lazy-ass Americans need to get off their ass.

We should have programs to transition people experiencing homelessness into the job market.

We should get our children into the workplace by lowering the age to 15.

We have millions of dollars of materials sitting in border states.

Thousands of illegals coming into our country from Central America through Mexico are crossing into our border states, and the rest come from shipping containers.

We have the highest sex trafficking of children in this country coming through our borders.

We significantly burden American taxpayers by overcrowding schools, hospitals, prisons, and Highways.

Each DC politician and State Governor who doesn’t follow our immigration laws should be arrested and charged with treason!

These DC politicians continue to violate our constitution; they are hypocrites who have armed guards and carry weapons themselves but want to take your gun rights away.

Put up the Border Walls and get a different President for this country.

America is my home!


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Prez of Veterans In Politics view on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

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