Jeffrey Ross Gunter wants to buy the US Senate Seat and dumb down uneducated Voters in Nevada!

Great State of Nevada

October 9, 2023

Veterans In Politics International investigates another phony candidate who knows nothing about Nevada.

Jeffrey Ross Gunter’s registered address is 6820 Equinox Cliff St, Las Vegas, NV 89135.

Gunter’s property records show that his home was rented in May 2023 for $6,800/month. He doesn’t own this home, so he would likely leave Nevada once the race ends.

Did Gunter just now register in Nevada as a Republican on 07/26/23?  Yes, it appears so.

Has Gunter ever voted in Nevada?  No voting history was found.

Do Your Research!

Jeffrey Ross Gunter was born on January 31, 1961.

Does Gunter have anything vested in Nevada? Has he raised children here? Any property owned?

We were told he was a registered Democrat in CA, where he resided until recently.

Gunter is not a true Republican to run against Jacky Rosen; she will eat this man alive.

Gunter is just another Carpetbagger who will prey on Nevada’s uneducated voters.

We are providing you with this information so you can do your research.  Gunter will attempt to buy this seat.

Is this best for Nevada? And the media will play along with it to get advertisement money.

This is a pathetic cycle; uneducated voters fall for this each time. This is why the media has constantly failed to print all the candidates in this race.

Nevada, have you had enough of these opportunists that will never serve Nevada’s best interest?

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