Berkley is stepping back to run for Las Vegas Mayor and discuss the current state of Israel!

Las Vegas, NV

October 23, 2023

Veterans In Politics Video, an Internet Talk show, interviewed Shelley Berkley, candidate for Las Vegas Mayor and a former United States Congresswoman.

Berkley has a wealth of information, with an extraordinary resume running for a nonpartisan seat.

Berkley explained her many accomplishments, and her favorite act was finding the budget to build the Southern Nevada Veterans Hospital on North Pecos and the 215 Beltway. This VA hospital has been a life-changing development for many Nevada veterans and has brought many jobs to our community.

Berkley discusses the terrible wars in Ukraine, Palestine, and Israel.

Berkley brings a hurrah of expertise and relationships to the office of the Las Vegas Mayor.

Berkley has been to Israel 18 times as a member of Congress and a private citizen.

Berkley believes Iran is funding the terrorist organization that killed over one thousand Israeli and American citizens.

Berkley said that we need to start working together to collaborate to achieve success for the good of the people.

A Las Vegas Mayor is not a policymaker, so this elected seat is nonpartisan.

A mayor is an elected official who serves as the head of a city or town government. Mayors are responsible for overseeing the administration of local government, managing the city’s budget, and ensuring that municipal services such as public safety, transportation, and utilities are provided to residents.

Watch this incredible interview:

Shelley Berkley, Congresswoman and mayoral candidate 4 Las Vegas discusses the current state of Israel.

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