Stephanie Phillips Vs. Jacky Rosen for Nevada’s US Senate Seat!

Let’s put your money where your mouth is and where your loyalty is… First of all, I support Stephanie Phillips for many reasons… one of them is that she is a stronger candidate than the incumbent US Senator Jacky Rosen.
I have been in Nevada Politics since 1998 and I have been President of a nonpartisan organization since 2005…
With that said, over the years I have predicted many races and been correct 90% of the time.
In the 2024 US Senate race in Nevada, I predict Jacky Rosen will be victorious in the General Election against any MALE Republican challenger.
Let’s take a look at the history of Rosen. Rosen, a no-name in politics, never having run for a political seat, beat Danny Tarkanian, the Republican challenger for Congress whose name is known in Nevada from his father – UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian, and mother Louis Tarkanian a sitting Las Vegas Councilwoman at the time.
Rosen then vacated her Congressional seat after one term and went on to beat incumbent Dean Heller for the US Senate in her second run in politics. Dean Heller was Nevada’s Secretary of State, Congressman, and incumbent US Senator. Heller even beat out former Congresswoman Shelley Berkley and held onto his US Senate seat.
The world is changing by leaps and bounds. The Me2 movement is in strong effect, social issues and especially women’s issues are front and center.
Let’s stop rallying around candidates we know will never beat Jacky Rosen in the General Election. My God isn’t the reason for winning the primary with a candidate who can win the general is to have one more Republican in the Senate… Or do Republicans just like winning primaries?
I will bet anyone one thousand dollars that any male Republican challenger in the US Senate seat in the 2024 election against Jacky Rosen will lose. Who is willing to take my challenge?
If you’re not willing to accept my challenge then you don’t believe in that male candidate and you should stop rallying around them and join me in supporting Stephanie Phillips for US Senate.
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Thank you
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