Assemblywoman Brittney Miller Accused of Misleading Voters with False Endorsement Claims!


Las Vegas, NV — May 18, 2024 — Nevada Assemblywoman District 5, Brittney Miller, has come under fire for falsely claiming endorsements from prominent veteran organizations: the Nevada Veterans Association and the Nevada Democratic Veterans and Military Families Caucus.

These joint veteran endorsements were never granted to Miller, nor did she participate in the candidate interview process required to receive them.

Steve Sanson, President of the Nevada Veterans Association, expressed deep disappointment over Miller’s actions. “It’s disheartening to see an elected official flagrantly deceive voters and show such blatant disrespect to our veterans,” Sanson stated. The integrity of the joint veteran endorsement process is paramount to these organizations, which aim to support candidates who genuinely represent and advocate for veterans’ interests.

The controversy doesn’t end with the false claims. Miller allegedly attempted to pressure both veteran organizations into retracting their endorsements of Alan Bigelow, her opponent, instead endorsing her. This alleged behavior has raised serious ethical concerns and cast doubt on Miller’s respect for the democratic process and the principles of fair competition.

Despite repeated attempts by Sanson to contact Miller for clarification, she has not responded.

Her silence further fuels the concerns surrounding her conduct and commitment to transparency and accountability, and an ethics complaint with the State of Nevada will follow.

The Armed Forces Chamber PAC, part of the joint endorsement process, clarified that Miller did not claim their endorsement. However, the misleading claims involving the other two organizations remain a significant issue.

The Nevada Veterans Association and the Nevada Democratic Veterans and Military Families Caucus stand firm in their endorsements and condemn any attempts to undermine their decision-making process.


For further information, please contact:

Steve Sanson

President, Nevada Veterans Association

(702) 283-8088

This press release is intended to inform the public about the current ethical concerns regarding Assemblywoman Brittney Miller and to uphold the integrity of the joint veteran endorsement processes.

Here is the link to the Endorsement interview for Nevada Assembly District 5:

State Assembly District 5, Joint Veterans Endorsement Kelly Quinn vs. Alan Bigelow

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