Judge Joseph Sciscento COVER-UP; Courtroom Deputy Marshal Breaks his silence!

Las Vegas Justice Court

May 20, 2024

T.J. Knickmeyer, former Navy Veteran and Clark County Courtroom Marshal, tells all.

Excerpts from a newly released book about Clark County District Court Judges: Joseph S Sciscento!

This is the classic example of one of the most fabulous lawyers I have worked with consistently.

Joe was what I considered a friend before and after he became a Judge—his Bailiff, who is a first-class shit-bag and a liar.

Deputy Ron Brooks, former USMC SGT MAJOR, I first thought this Badass Marine was a straight-up guy (man, was I ever mistaken).

Being a Devil Dog for thirty years, you learn to hide your true nature.

Ron Brooks and his skin color were issues that held deep resentment. I was not aware of this, and when called upon to either tell the truth or lie for a black supervisor, I guess skin color overruled the honest man that Marines are.

I admired Ron not only because of his many years of service to our country but also because of the many conversations we had on almost any subject (Race included)!!!

Ron Brooks has a volatile temper, which I did not know until he misunderstood my comment. I found out how easily he demonstrated his anger.

With Judge Joe being responsible for Ron, he also covers his ass when it comes to some issues he is having.

Ron Brooks had anger management issues in his personal life, which is no business of mine, but as a law enforcement officer, I rely on all bailiffs, including Ron Brooks.

Ron had an issue with his neighbors, which escalated to a temporary restraining order being placed against him.

Circumstances of this nature for a cop mean no guns or badge until the issue is resolved, but Judge Joe protected him and himself by placing him on the administration side of the marshal’s division; still wrong, but the Soul Patrol was running the admin Bailiffs, and he was placed there until his TPO issues resolved.

Like all peace officers, Judge Joe covered his backside when he should have been put on administrative leave pending the outcome.

Well, it was resolved after a few months, and Judge Joe reinstated him as his Bailiff (Nice, huh. I call that bullshit).

Ron went on vacation one weekend and left his duty weapon at his house. While he was away, his teenage son decided to play hood rat and go to a party strapped with the County Courts weapon that Ron was responsible for. That teenage son caused the death of someone.

I call it as I see it. His son went to a house party where the weapon was discharged, and a young teenager got shot in the head and died (OMG, Cover up, here we come).

Because Ron’s son was underage and treated as a minor, he had a big, lousy daddy telling him to shut his mouth and not to talk to the investigators with LVMPD.

The point here is not one disciplinary hearing was held. Including his absolute disregard for securing his county-issued weapon. Soul Patrol at work again with the assistance of Judge Joe; let’s sweep this under the rug, and eventually, it will go away (Sure enough. No one said anything).

Being a badass Marine does not qualify you as a responsible father.

A young girl is dead because Ron failed on multiple fronts as a parent.

What is appalling is how it was handled. If the Bailiffs were under the direct supervision of the Sheriff or LVMPD, the outcome would have been appropriately handled.

Judge Joe backed his boy, but his actions were overlooked.

Judges are there to referee and handle matters set before them by the DA or referee a civil matter.

Judge Joe, it would help if you went; politics has you by the balls and has changed you into someone I never thought would happen. It is a high and mighty mentality.

Covering up Ron’s negligence with those deadly consequences falls on you.

Former District Court Judge Mosley gave you a tie you wore on the bench all the time as a good luck gesture and respect; you should never put on that tie again (Politics influenced your decisions)!!!

I am sorry I lost what I considered a friend and a man that would never allow such bullshit to influence what he stood for.

From Thomas James Knickmeyer

former Clark County District Court Marshal

Disclaimer: All statements are based on documents and opinions.

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