“Judge William “Bill” Gonzalez ruthless on the Family Court Bench”


“Judge William “Bill” Gonzalez ruthless on the Family Court Bench”

Clark County, Nevada
October 29, 2014

Veterans In Politics International has received numerous reports on how William “Bill” Gonzalez Clark County District Court Judge Family Division Department F screw’s over the citizens of Clark County.

John Angus Vietnam Veteran case number D-14-497122-L
John Angus is a Vietnam veteran and fought for this country in combat. John Angus has been diagnosed with PTSD and is disabled as a result. Angus met Phan Ti in Vietnam and the two were married on August 1, 1968, in Saigon South Vietnam. Angus retained the law firm of Holcomb, Ward Foley & Parry (a Los Angeles law firm) to pursue a divorce against Phan Ti. The divorce was filed in the Superior Court of San Bernardino County on May 2, 1972.

The last time Angus saw Phan Ti was on or about June 1, 1969. She came to the US with Angus for 2 months, the relationship did not work and she flew back to Vietnam. Angus never heard from her or spoke to her again. Angus believed he was divorced by decree of divorce in or about 1972.

Angus remarried his current wife in or about 1979 and believed that he has been married to his current wife ever since. On or about March 28, 2014, Angus learned that his marriage to Phan Ti was never dissolved. Angus found out when his current wife to whom he believed he was married for the last 35 years could not obtain VA benefits due to his marriage to Phan Ti never being dissolved.

Angus and his current wife have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren together. They have acquired property together as husband and wife. They have paid taxes together as husband and wife and have believed for 35 years they were husband and wife.

As a veteran of the Vietnam War, Angus and his wife are entitled to certain benefits through the Veteran’s Administration. Angus filed for an annulment from Phan Ti or alternatively for a divorce as soon as he learned his marriage to her was never dissolved. The complaint Angus filed was uncontested!

Judge Gonzalez refused to grant the annulment in case number D-14-497122-L. Judge Gonzalez refused to grant the divorce retroactive to 1972. Angus argued that this was a matter of equity. That by refusing to grant the divorce nunc pro tunc (retroactive to 1972), Judge Gonzalez was making his children bastards, was exposing him and his wife to tax liabilities was allowing someone with whom Angus had no contact for over 40 years to collect benefits, request support or obtain back child support. That he was denying Angus wife any military benefits she may receive as a result of the length of their marriage and so on…Judge Gonzalez did not care. He simply ruled that he was granted a “status only” divorce (despite the fact that all community would be in Nevada since that is where Angus has lived the last 35 years) and that it was only valid from the time Angus filed his complaint. Angus begged for a ruling as a matter of equity and the judge denied it. Again, he did not care about Angus service to this country, his mental disability or his exposing Angus and his wife to tax liability, loss of benefits, etc. This case is completely unjust and once again I will remind you that the entire case was UNOPPOSED!

Tom Buchele Disabled case number D-13-483347-D
Tom Buchele who suffered a massive heart attack, both legs amputated, 6 fingers amputated, and suffered several strokes was bullied by Judge Gonzalez. Buchele daughter Kim Hocksteadler sent letters from her father’s doctor stating he was not mentally capable of understanding what was happening in court, Judge Gonzalez bullied Buchele asking questions that he had no knowledge of.
Judge Gonzalez continued with the intimidated and stated that he was going to do an unequal property settlement that it would not be the first time and he will do it again. Judge Gonzalez ordered the house to Buchele soon to be ex, even though his house is and was always known as separate personal property by a signed agreement (quit claim deed).

Judge Gonzalez ordered Buchele to three-hole punch over a thousand court papers and put them in binders and make 3 sets, one for the court, one for him, and one for the wife not only was this cruel and inhumane to do to a handicap elderly frail man but the cost of all this took over 50% of Buchele monthly income. The money he needed to pay mortgage and bills.

Buchele suffers from memory loss, multiple strokes, frail man, this judge ignores all doctors’ letters and forces Buchele to represent himself and answer questions. Judge Gonzalez also awarded Buchele handicapped assessable vehicle to his ex-wife.



















In Closing:
We as the general public do not hear personal stories like these and we say to ourselves it can’t be, no Judge in their right mind would be so cruel, but it’s unfortunate that these things do happen. While we go about our business and say this is someone else problem let’s do something about it because it is everyone’s problem if these things go on by our own judges! Vote today!

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