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 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA– – Veterans In Politics video Talk Show proudly announces that Stephen Silberkraus Nevada State Assemblyman District 29 and Amy Chelini Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Judge elect department 14 to  appear on the  “Veterans In Politics” internet video-talk-show as a special guest on Saturday – September 17, 2016 from 2-3pm PT. Listen and watch LIVE on “Veterans In Politics Talk Show joined World Wide Digital Broadcasting Corp”.


For more than a decade the non-partisan “Veterans In Politics Talk-Show” (VIP Talk-Show) has informed listeners about national veteran and political issues.


Past guests include active duty and veterans from all branches, authors, business owners, organization heads and political candidates and incumbents representing all parties from federal, state and local government branches.


The listening audience spans nationally and reaches a demographic of every gender, age and socioeconomic background. The VIP Talk-Show has become a trusted source of information and excerpts from past episodes have been quoted and published in reports of media and investigations of government agencies. Achievements include awards and special recognitions from countless non-profit organizations, Mayors and City Councils plus schools.


Listen to hosts Steve Sanson, Jim Jonas and co-host Troy Warren and Christina Ortiz plus special guests co-hosts live during the VIP Talk-Show on every Saturday from 1400-1500 (2:00pm-3:00pm PT) on World Wide Digital Broadcasting Corp.



Stephen Silberkraus Nevada State Assemblyman District 29



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Amy Chelini Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Judge elect Department 14



Where is Sandra Morgan’s Campaign and Expense Report?




Transforming the US Department of Veterans Affairs

Lynn Kahn 4 President 2016


Opinion Corner:


As a member of Veterans In Politics we would periodically sit in a judge’s courtroom and observe cases before the court.


Yesterday we had the pleasure to sit in two Clark County District Court Judge Family Division courtrooms and listened to two separate cases. These are our findings.


Honorable Rebecca Burton had a Termination of Parental Rights case:



  • The plaintiff arrives with their attorney and a Spanish speaking interpreter.


  • The plaintiff testimony indicates that in North Dakota a young 14 year old girl was pregnant and didn’t want her baby girl so she gave the child to them, no family relations.


  • The plaintiff has now relocated to Nevada with the baby girl.


  • Both 14 year old girl and her mother is happy that plaintiff will take the child, plaintiff’s testimony.


  • They believe that the baby’s father committed statutory rape so he is avoiding the entire issue.


  • None of the child’s biological parents are to be found.


Judge Burton placed the case over for a status check for 60 days to locate the parents.


What’s wrong with this entire case?  I would have immediately have CPS involved; immediately find out the location of the child; immediately contact law enforcement to make sure the child wasn’t kidnapped.


What do you think?


Honorable Jennifer Elliot had a change of custody case:


  • The defendants arrives with her attorney (former family court Judge Robert Leuck) and the plaintiff attorney (Louis Schneider) was present, the plaintiff was not.


  • There is CPS and a Psychiatrist on this case.


  • Defendant’s attorney decided that he is going to interview the 10 year old child without the consent of the court and without the presents of defendant’s attorney.


  • Defendant’s attorney then turns in his findings to the court and in the Judges own words “this does not look like the statements of a 10 year old child”.



What’s wrong with this lack of judgement?  This attorney just jumped from representing the mother in this case to a witness of the case. This attorney acted as if he was an attorney representing the mother, a judge, and a therapist. This attorney just tossed away his code of ethics.


The plaintiffs’ attorney asked the court to disqualify the defendant’s attorney. The judge disqualified Robert Leuck from the case but allowed him to sit next to his now former client.


Say what?


I thought the judge would have sanctioned defendants attorney (Robert Leuck) and I would think that plaintiffs’ attorney (Louis Schneider) would file a complaint with the Nevada state Bar.


What do you think?


Steve Sanson

President of Veterans In Politics International


Veterans In Politics International has reconstructed its officers Core

Please congratulate them on their appointments.


Ron Q. Quilang is the new Auxiliary Director for Veterans In Politics International


Tim Petarra an Army Veteran is the Veterans In Politics Nevada Chapter President.


Andre Haynes to fill the seat of Auxiliary Director for Veterans In Politics Southern Nevada Chapter


Christina Ortiz an Army Veteran; Veterans In Politics Nevada Chapter Director


Johnny Spicer a Navy Veteran retired; Veterans In Politics International Board Officer as Secretary


George Chehade has been the Veterans In Politics International Minister for the past 11 years.


Don Woolbright a US Marine is now the Veterans In Politics Missouri Chapter President.



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