Thirty-One Reason why the Clark County Family Court System is Corrupt!

If you are not outraged ~ you are not paying attention. Please come help free our children from court ordered abuse, free parents from civil rights violations and insist that “We the People” know how to raise our children better than judges, therapists, evaluators, etc.
If you are tired of:
1) secret courts,
2) judges conducting ex parte communication,
3) judges that wont listen to litigants that are representing themselves,
4) judges prove you guilty without reading the evidence,
5) judges violate your United States Constitutional Rights,
6) judges use their personal religion to render judgement on you,
7) judges who prevent you from seeing your children,
8) judges who give your children to an abuser or drug addicted parent,
9) judges who are bias against your gender, religion, class or ethnicity,
10) judges who change the facts of your case by committing  perjury,
11) judges who illegally overrule other judges,
12) judges who fail to follow federal and state laws and give away your service connected disability benefits,
13) judges who take longer than 60 days to rule on your case,
14) judges who illegally take away your freedom,
15) judges who fail to follow state laws,
16) judges who fail to follow their own code of ethics,
17) judges who are disrespectful to litigants,
18) judges who fail to enforce their own court orders,
19) judges and attorneys that sealed cases to protect themselves from wrongdoing,
20) attorneys who overcharge litigants,
21) attorneys who file frivolous motions to take more money away from their clients or opposing clients,
22) marshals who try to intimidate you,
23) judges who fail to read the motions before them,
24) judges who order a procedure and fail to allow it into evidence,
25) judges who rule towards an attorney who has supporting their election campaigns,
26) therapist and social workers that give the courts false or misleading reports,
27) judges whom has a personal relationship with an attorney before them and failed to disclose it,
28) judges who have no idea what the rule of evidence is,
29) judges whom fail to apply the law to the evidence before them,
30) judges who allow relocation without cause.
31) judges who fail to provide a minor child with an advocate, before integrating them
Judges that fail to understand that every litigants that walk through the courtroom doors are their employer. Clark County tax dollars pay their salary and everyone that works for Clark County Family Court System.
If you are disgusted as we are unite with us and join us in solidarity on Friday June 23rd, 2017 from 8am to 11am in front of the Clark County Family Court 601 North Pecos Road at the corner of Pecos and Bonanza.
Bring your signs and your friends, we will supply the T-Shirts.
Lets stand up together. Its time for the “Best Interest of the Children” This destruction of families has to STOP!
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