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Veterans In Politics proudly announces that Host of Conservative America Radio Chris Garcia and Editor of the Las Vegas Tribune online newspaper Rolando Larraz  will appear as a special guests on the Veterans In Politics internet video talk-show Saturday June 24, 2017.


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The VIP Talk-Show is a trusted source of information. For more than a decade, Steve Sanson, Jim Jonas and co-hosts Steven Sonnenburg and Tim Petarra have informed the listeners about important local and national issues. Not only do they discuss major national issues, but they also bring public’s attention to multiple local issues affecting our community that other news sources choose to ignore. Past guests are politicians, candidates running for public office, organization leaders, published authors, business owners and citizens. VIP‘s involvement in local affairs has led to investigations of multiple government agencies and corrupt individuals. VIP received special recognition and multiple awards from government officials and non-profit organizations.


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Chris Garcia Host of Conservative America Radio




Rolando Larraz Editor of the Las Vegas Tribune online newspaper


Opinion Corner


We are asking Bob Beers supporters to attend the City Council meeting Wed, June 21 at 3:00 pm to support Bob and the Development Agreement for Badlands. The issue that was at the core of the election.


Bob supports the land owners right to build; property rights are indispensable for prosperous societies.


Steve Sanson
President of Veterans In Politics International




War Declared On the Clark County Family Court System


Who Judges the judges Katherine Hine host Steve Sanson veterans vs sadist judges


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He Defended Us, Let’s defend Him!–Let-s-Defend-Him-.html?soid=1119987097423&aid=oYRP5mq4-SI


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Veterans In Politics proudly announces that retired Airforce Master Sergeant Terry Sonnenburg  and Spiritual Healer and Meditation Instructor Victoria Adams


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