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Veterans In Politics proudly announces that Nicholas Alvin Wolinsky disgusted with Clark County Family Court Judge Jennifer Elliott, Monique Epperson will discuss the unethical and alleged criminal behavior of Family Court Judge Mathew Harter will appear as a special guests on the Veterans In Politics internet video talk-show Saturday June 17, 2017.


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Nicholas Alvin Wolinsky disgusted with Clark County Family Court Judge Jennifer Elliott


Monique Epperson will discuss the unethical and alleged criminal behavior of Family Court Judge Mathew Harter


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Opinion Corner


War Declared On the Clark County Family Court System


Nevada’s Secret Court’s


On June 8th Veterans In Politics Court Observers Sandi Johnson and Steve Sanson observed the following courtrooms at the Regional Justice Center:


Clark County District Court Judge Adriana Escobar courtroom. We sat through one case and then we were asked to leave by Judge Escobar Marshal who said it is a closed case number: A-14-693932-C.


This is not family nor juvenile case.


We challenged the Marshal and asked under what statue this case is closed. He responded and said there is an order. We again asked under what statue and is it on the record that this case is closed? If it is closed why are there people in the audience that are not a party to the case?


We asked to be before the Judge to challenge the close hearing, and was immediately rejected.


In past closed hearings the Judge closes the case on the record, cite statue, and ask all nonparties to exit the courtroom. Close hearings are reserved for family court when dealing with juvenile. This is not the case and this rule is being seriously taking advantage of denying the public access to a tax payer’s courtroom.


On June 9th Veterans In Politics Court Observers Cindy Lake and Steve Sanson visited:


Clark County Family Court Judge Bryce Duckworth on a relocation hearing.


According to the testimony the litigant had an ignition lock placed on his vehicle, because of opposing litigant hearsay testimony that the father has a drinking problem.


The father has never been arrested for any alcohol related issues. Why have the father spend money on a vehicle ignition lock and embarrassment, if there is no evidence to support the mother’s claim?


During the father’s testimony the mother’s attorney was quick to object and based his objection that the testimony is hearsay. How ironic is this?


The father is a military veteran and served his time in the Army, he reached the rank of Major. The father testified that he has only been away from his two children for a few hours since they have been born with the exception of his career making that decision for him.


The litigant claimed that the mother was coached in attempts to have him convicted of Domestic Violence and he has spent over $35,000 defending himself from frivolous motions after motions.


Attorneys need to stop coaching their clients in setting up a stage for domestic violence and ripping clients off by charging frivolous motions for billable hours. This is unethical and they should be reported to the Nevada State Bar.


Family Court Judges need to follow the law and apply the rule of Evidence to the case before them.


We wonder if this is being taught in Judicial College.


The laws should be changed when there is a motion for “Relocation of Children”, there should be a jury trial instead of leaving this decision onto the shoulder of one person.


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Warning to Clark County Family Court Judges:


If you or your spouse have personal business deals with any attorneys that appears before you, their law firms, their friends law firms, litigants families, friend’s, any agencies/organizations that you get a kick back, any campaign donations, PAC donations or In-kind contributions of any kind and you gave a favorable result including attorney’s fees from either party.

We will find out and we will pursue federal charges. This is your only warning. Sealing cases will not cover anything up…



 Scandal on the Bench


He Defended Us, Let’s defend Him!–Let-s-Defend-Him-.html?soid=1119987097423&aid=oYRP5mq4-SI


your only warning.. Sealing cases will not cover anything up…

Like Donald Trump says: “Believe Me!”

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Veterans In Politics proudly announces that Wayne Klesmer  a Navy Veteran on today’s politics,, Vicky Smith will discuss her experience with the Clark County Family Court System and Special Guest Co-Host Yuliya Fohel


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