Judge holds children hostage maintains court order giving Mother zero contact with her children until she pays overpriced Court Appointed Marriage & Family Therapist!

Judge Mathew Harter is accused of Extortion, Parental Alienation, violation of Due Process, violation of Constitutional Rights & ignored court ordered Child Support arrears

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Hearing for Mathew Judge Harter in Velasco vs Velasco case: 01-06-16


Monique Velasco aka Monique Epperson

Scope: Domestic Violence. Motion filed to modify custody after 10 years from Primary of Mother to Primary of Father.   Allegations of Domestic Violence in the home due to Mothers boyfriend. A Child interview was conducted.

Judge Harter order Claudia Schwarz to do a custody evaluation. She was the only one recommended by Judge Harter from the Outsource provider list.  No other option was given.

Judge Harter ordered both of the parties to pay for the evaluation Ms. Velasco stated she could not pay.  Judge Harter informed Mr. Velasco to pay in full and reduced her part to judgment.

There was no domestic violence reported in the child interview. Both children were not favorable toward Justin Day.

Ms. McKellar requested Sunday through Wednesday visitation.  No custody change was made at this time. The current schedule is Monday and Tuesday for Mr. Velasco.

There is no domestic violence case number re: Justin Day.  Mr. Velasco has a documented domestic violence case number on the record against his current girlfriend.

Alcohol issues were alleged against Mr. Velasco and his live in girlfriend.

Justin Day did not live with Ms. Velasco. He had his own residence.

On Sundays, Ms. Velasco’s father babysits.  And both parties work 6-2.

Ms. Velasco requested for her $7,500 arrears in child support.



Hearing under Judge Harter Velasco vs Velasco Termination of Parental Rights 10-4-16


There were 3 rescheduled hearings due to Mr. Velasco’s failure to pay.

Mr. Velasco met with Claudia Schwarz once for 1.5 hours, Ms. Velasco for 1.5 hours and each child met with Claudia Schwartz for an hour.

Since February, Ms. Velasco is no longer in a relationship with Justin Day.

This hearing was to go over a motion filed on 9/16/16 by Ms. McKellar and a letter received by the Court from Claudia Schwartz.

Claudia Schwartz submitted an interim recommendation to the Court to suspend Ms. Velasco’s visitation with the Minor Children pending a full substance abuse evaluation and C.P.S. report findings.

There was an incident on 9/8/16 at the daughter’s school that Ms. Velasco showed up 20 minutes late. There were allegations by Justin Day and Mr. Velasco of her being drunk. The documented school report states, “She is under the legal limit” and was able to drive home and no arrest was made.  The report was submitted to the court.

Both Claudia Schwarz and Justin Day called C.P.S.

Judge Harter states on the record that he requested the CPS records, and continued to read the following: “Your daughter” states “she is afraid to drive with her mother in the car because she is drunk” He continues to state, that “this is said more than once in here”.  Time stamped 15:24:40.

Ms. McKellar asked that Ms. Velasco to pay Claudia Schwarz for the rest of the evaluation, with a remaining balance of $4000.  Mr. Velasco paid the original $4000 over a 10 month period, which delayed the evaluation.

Claudia Schwarz rate is $8,000.

Judge Harter orders Ms. Velasco to pay the $4000 to Claudia Schwarz, SCRAM for 90 days, and a substance abuse evaluation by Dr. Levy and removes the current custody order that Mr. Velasco is paying of $1,100 a month. Ms. Velasco is to turn over those checks to Mr. Velasco for the next 90 days.   Ms. Velasco is told that if she doesn’t pay Claudia Schwarz, per Judge Harter, “it’s the longer you don’t have custody” 15:32:25.

Ms. Velasco states, that Duckworth heard the same information, and she still has her 3 year old.  Harter states: “she should save her breath if she is going to bring up Judge Duckworth” “Do you see any of his cute little duckies anywhere around here?”

15:25:40 Judge Harter states about SCRAM “they give you all the rules up front, pay attention to them, because when I get the violations back I don’t want to hear about an excuse”

Judge Harter terminates Ms. Velasco’s parental rights.

Ms. Velasco is not given a chance to defend the false allegations.



Hearing under Judge Harter Velasco vs Velasco Judge Holds Children Hostage 11-9-16


(Prior to this hearing on 10/04/16 Ms. Velasco filed a Motion for reconsideration, asking the Judge to review what he quoted on the record regarding the CPS records, as they were incorrect, and asked him if he made a mistake.

On 10/21/16 Filed for In Camera review of CPS records. On 11/2/16 an Emergency Motion for contact with children.)

Claudia Schwarz files a letter to the court on 11-3-16 recusing herself from the case.  She states Ms. Velasco has harassed her and that Ms. Velasco is non-compliant with payments.

C.P.S. records found: No NEGLECT, Unsubstantiated and case closed.

Judge Harter stated he requested Dr. Levy’s report.

Judge Harter gave Ms. McKellar a copy of Dr. Levy’s report.

Dr. Levy’s report concluded that Ms. Velasco “does NOT meet the clinical criteria for alcohol use disorder”.

Judge Harter states Claudia “will not finish it up until you pay the sums.”  Judge Harter offers Ms. Velasco to pay in full for a new custody evaluation with another evaluator.

Ms. Velasco accuses Claudia Schwarz of “fraud upon the court”.

Ms. Velasco refuses to go back to Claudia and Ms. McKellar suggests Dr. Leinket.

Judge Harter orders Donna Gosnell.  He states she is an LMFT and LADC. She will not start her evaluation until she gets paid.

Judge Harter states there no mention of mental illness.

Ms. Velasco states “are you denying my rights to my children,” Harter responds: “if that is the way you want to read it, it’s in black or white”

15:05:45- Harter states if she passes scram and pays the initial retainer to Donna Gosnell, she will have to get some custody.  Ms. McKellar responds with “at this point she wants a full mental evaluation.” Two minutes after Harter states there is no mental illness.  Judge Harter states her client would have to pay for the mental evaluation.  Ms. McKellar states Claudia does MPI evaluations, which is why she selected her.

Ms. Velasco sent in a motion for the unredacted copy of the C.P.S. records.  She asked Judge Harter to get them, after he read off of the CPS report in the previous hearing.  Judge Harter states “he does not get a copy of the unredacted copy”.




Hearing Judge Harter Velasco vs Velasco Mandamus to disqualify Judge Harter for bias 1-31-17


On Dec. 5, 2016 Ms. Velasco files a Writ of Mandamus to disqualify Judge Harter for bias.

Ms. Velasco went 90 days without any incident.

Ms. Velasco have not had contact with her kids for 121 days.

Judge Harter states he had no intent of cutting off contact.

Judge Harter states it was because Ms. Velasco never followed through with the 2nd half of the custody evaluation.

He stated Donna Gosnell was $3,500, however, Ms. Velasco stated Donna Gosnell says she is $4500.

Judge Harter says Ms. Velasco is “minimizing what happened at the school.”

Judge Harter states “he is not worried about her drinking and being with the kids”

Judge Harter states “right now, no safety issues as long as she is not with Justin Day”

Judge Harter confirms he realizes Ms. Velasco is no longer with Justin Day.

Mr. Schneider states: “Mr. Day is working with Mr. Velasco and both parties are working in concert with each other against Ms. Velasco”

Mr. Schneider states “why is there a custody evaluation when the matter doesn’t even exist”.

Mr. Schneider argues “Father is texting Ms. Velasco saying she is going in for a psychological evaluation Mr. Velasco has already set it up that Mrs. Velasco is crazy and going in for a psych evaluation”




Hearing Judge Harter Velasco vs Velasco Judge apologizes for misreading C.P.S. Report Part 2: 01/31/2017



Ms. Velasco is required to have an App on her phone that doesn’t allow her to text and drive.

15:33:45: Judge Harter apologizes to Ms. Velasco and reads the CPS report as such: “not because she is drunk but because she looks at her cell phone when driving”

Judge Harter then proceeds to file a minute order indicating such, but in the minute order states it was the Child Interview and not the CPS records.

Mr. Schneider argues this case has “Justin Day written all over it” He asked for a court order that neither parent exposes the children to Justin Day. Ms. McKellar argued that no one can tell her client who he can hang out with.

McKellar states there is already an order for no contact with Justin 15: 41:40. Judge Harter confirmed.  Mr. Schneider asked to have it reiterated and reduce it to writing.

Ms. McKellar argues for supervised visit.  Judge Harter rules that Ms. Velasco does not need supervised visits and grants Wednesday after school until Friday morning visitation for Ms. Velasco.

Judge Harter states Ms. Velasco hasn’t had any contact because it was based on what the children wanted and the accusations of domestic violence, not because of alcohol. Mr. Schneider argues the two fathers are colluding against her. Judge Harter says “it’s not the first time this has happened in here”

Judge Harter gives Donna Gosnell the power to recommend whatever she wants.  He is going to go by her recommendation.  No contact with her children until Donna Gosnell recommends she can.  No phone contact until Donna recommends it.

Mr. Schneider argues, Justin Day and Mr. Velasco are still hanging out together and the kids are still there.  Judge Harter’s response: “It’s funny how that works out” “She wants a double edge sword type of thing”



Hearing Judge Harter Velasco vs Velasco Evidence Suppressed 6/7/17


The most important item is that the judge committed perjury for the second time. He stated 3 times on the record that Donna Gosnells recommendation states “no contact”. And it doesn’t state that. It says, no visitation pending a psych evaluation. It is not the same thing. He did that to protect Mandy since she gave no contact. And he also suppressed evidence by not submitting Dr Levy’s report to the court. Patricia filed it for the second time, & it wasn’t on the minute order.


My family is a victim of judicial corruption please help me fight to get my children back






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