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Veterans In Politics proudly announces that retired Airforce Master Sergeant Terry Sonnenburg  and Spiritual Healer and Meditation Instructor Victoria Adams will appear as a special guests on the Veterans In Politics internet video talk-show Saturday June 10, 2017.


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The VIP Talk-Show is a trusted source of information. For more than a decade, Steve Sanson, Jim Jonas and co-hosts Steven Sonnenburg and Tim Petarra have informed the listeners about important local and national issues. Not only do they discuss major national issues, but they also bring public’s attention to multiple local issues affecting our community that other news sources choose to ignore. Past guests are politicians, candidates running for public office, organization leaders, published authors, business owners and citizens. VIP‘s involvement in local affairs has led to investigations of multiple government agencies and corrupt individuals. VIP received special recognition and multiple awards from government officials and non-profit organizations.


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Terry Sonnenburg retired Airforce Master Sergeant




Victoria Adams Spiritual Healer and Meditation Instructor



Come and meet Tomi Lahren

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General Election: Tuesday, June 13, 2017



Opinion Corner


Session Dates in Carson City May 31st to June 1st:

I have attended Committee Hearings, Nevada Assembly and Senate floor meetings since 2004.

This is by far the worse partisanship, power hungry and bully politics, I have ever seen in the 13 years I have been going to Carson City.

Majority of your legislators have lost sight of what a “Public Servant” should be. The lies and manipulation we have with this legislative session is unforgivable and most come to a halt within the next election.

These legislators forget that the building they are given to make laws, the staff that support them, salaries and the perks they receive is from the backs of hard working tax payers that totals 3 million people in the Great State of Nevada.


Some of them lack a spine, they can’t stand up for themselves and certainly will not stand up for the voters that have elected them.


They need to take their personal agendas, egos and their hurt feelings off the table and put the citizenry of Nevada first!


Steve Sanson

President of Veterans In Politics International

Steve Sanson
President of Veterans In Politics International

Steve Sanson
President of Veterans In Politics International

Steve Sanson
President of Veterans In Politics International



War Declared On the Clark County Family Court System


On Monday June 5th at 9am the Veterans In Politics International will argue for an Anti-SLAPP in the Abrams Lawsuit for Defamation at the Regional Justice Center 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101 District Court Department 12 Courtroom 14D.


If anyone interested in the case or would like to support Veterans In Politics please attend.


Courtroom Observation:


On June 2, 2017, Veterans In Politics Court Observers Steve Sanson and Jasmine Flower observed the following courtrooms:

Family Court Hearing Master Jon Norheim entered without incident, Clark County Family Court Judge Robert Teuton enter without incident, but had technical difficulties and Clark County Family Court Judge Linda Marquis, the door was locked, we waited for the Marshal to come outside the court room. Sanson asked why is the door locked and his response was “I forgot to unlock it when I returned from the restroom. Odd, because there was a case in process before the Judge.  (How did the litigants and their attorney entered?) The case was a custody battle dealing with mom who left the country with the minor children and now reside in the country of Sweden.


We also decided to go to the Judges Meeting and we were greeted by a Marshal who said that the meeting was closed to the public and handed Sanson documentation. We asked the Marshal if he was posted outside the door to greet Sanson and his response was” yes”. Sanson never told anyone that he would attend the Judges Meeting. In any event the documentation that the Marshal handed Sanson stated that the Bar was permitted to enter the meeting. Sanson contacted his attorney who is a member of the Bar and the same Marshal refuse to have her attend as well. Despite what the documents says that he handed Sanson, no one but the Judges can attend this meeting. A complaint was filed. Another Secret Meeting on tax payer’s dime.


Courthouse maintenance:


On another note, the Clark County Family Court is desperately lacking maintenance their entrance door for the public has been under maintenance for over a week. Leaving only one door by security for citizens to enter and exit. One of the elevators for the citizens to use has been broken for several weeks, leaving only one working elevator for citizens. It seems like maintenance is always slow and lacking when it comes to tax payers. Question: how is the maintenance issue when it comes to the Judges?


If you would like to be a Court Observer please contact Steve Sanson at 702 283 8088


He Defended Us, Let’s defend Him!




Faith Ind and Family Counseling

Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, MA


Do you have an issue with any social behavior or mental health?  Call Faith Ind And Family Counseling and get the help you deserve!




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Veterans In Politics proudly announces that A Global Ambassador & Advocate of Music and Entertainment for the US Military Veterans First Responders and their Families William Taylor “B-Taylor”Former Nevada State Assemblyman John Moore




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