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Veterans In Politics proudly announces that David Jones to discuss why child support and child custody is against Federal Law.  Jesce Richt discussing the corruption with Northern Nevada Family Court System, both will appear as a special guests on the Veterans In Politics internet video talk-show Saturday August 26, 2017.


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David Jones to discuss why child support and child custody is against Federal Law



Jesce Richt discussing the corruption with Northern Nevada Family Court System



Family Court Litigants Corner


Another Letter to the Governor:

Dear Brian Sandoval,

I was retaliated against by a Judge, because I was a whistle blower about unethical behavior. I had been writing to you, Governor Sandoval about the unethical behavior of a Judge and you told me I could make a Judicial complaint against this Judge and you also gave me the information for the Judicial discipline board. I made the complaint, shortly after I found out the Judge is a member of the judicial discipline board.

The complaint was dismissed without any consideration and then the Judge ordered me to pay all of my ex-wife’s attorney’s fees financially destroying me.

For many years now, the case I am involved in is so ethically compromised it is beyond belief. I made a complaint to the Nevada Board of social workers, recently Joe Hart News4, did a report and it aired on 6/26. My wife went to see a Therapist and he started having an affair with her, they have been together ever since. This State appears to have done nothing about my complaint after 6 years! This has resulted in my ex-wife and the therapist ganging up on me after I made this complaint, and it has caused me custody problems, huge obstruction and contact denial, and they have used his professionalism through court in order to do this. They retaliated against me and were able to convince the judge in my case that I was all the problem, resulting in me being alienated from my kids. Not only me but my entire family is alienated.

How can Nevada be so lawless? So unaccountable from protecting the public from therapists that are sexual predators? My family lives in different states across the country and are bewildered at what is going on. How can the judicial system in Lyon County fail a loving Father and children and help a very unethical Therapist who preys sexually on his patients like this to do this unethical crime?


I have been cut off from my children by Lyon County’s failure to even enforce basic custody laws and have been deprived of my rights and the children have been deprived of their rights also. The financial barriers put on me by this Lyon county judge is unbearable. I have not been able to fulfill the orders given and it financially destroyed me. Is this what the State of Nevada wants to do? Destroy and run off Loving Fathers because unethical Therapists are free to break state laws and face no consequences? And then easily manipulate small county courts that are inadequate to even handle applying the law? I have not seen my 2 boys for over 2 1/2 years because of this unethical comedy of errors.

My children are being raised in such a toxic relationship of my ex-wife and her sexual predator Therapist. While a loving father and entire side of the children’s family are blown away by this horrible judge in Lyon County who had some personal vendetta, bias and prejudice against us.


I am asking you to please call for an audit on this case or at least ask for the judge to recuse himself or rehear the case. I am financially destroyed by this judge, I do not believe this is the way the system is supposed to work. I do not know what to do anymore. Something needs to happen.


Tom Carr


Child Protective Services gets a Grant for every child taking from a HOME!


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War Declared On the Clark County Family Court System


Nevada’s Secret Court’s


On Friday August 18th Veterans In Politics Courtroom Observer JP Richt and Steve Sanson visited the Clark County Family Court and observed the following people’s courtroom:


A GHOSTTOWN at Clark County Family Court; it’s another three day HOLIDAY on the shoulders of tax payers.


When a Judge speaks to you about how many hours they work, asked them how many hours they don’t work! 


Most tax payers bust their ass for minimum wedge, some work two jobs.


But not the glorified Clark County Family Court Judges.


Here are their Salaries with benefits in 2016:

William O Voy             $251,780.46

Linda A Marquis          $208,035.83

Rebecca L Burton       $208,071.53

Robert W Teuton        $236,263.55 plus PERS Totaling $300,000

Denise L Gentile          $208,065.01

Cynthia D Steel           $251,802.97

Cheryl B Moss             $251,737.06

Rena G Hughes           $208,071.53

Cynthia N Giuliani       $235,841.98

Jennifer L Elliott          $251,811.81

William S Potter          $243,758.98

Mathew Harter            $235,790.83

Frank P Sullivan          $235,850.79

Sandra L Pomrenze    $251,800.89

Bryce C Duckworth    $235,841.98

William G Henderson  $235,873.34

Vincent Ochoa           $227,896.08

Lisa M Brown              $243,850.37

Thomas A Ritchie        $251,714.40

Charles J Hoskin         $235,078.72




Each Judge has a Law Clerk, Marshal and (JEA) Judicial Executive Assistant:


Law Clerk ranges from $36,000 to $150,000 per year.


Marshal with overtime ranges from $36,000 to $180,000 per year.


Judicial Executive Assistant ranges from $52,000 to $140,000 per year.


Now let’s take a look at the Family Court Hearing Masters pay with Benefits in 2016:


One Hearing Master makes more than some of her employers, that’s because she is the wife of one of the elected Judge:


TEUTON SYLVIA                      $241,401.40

HENRY JENNIFER                    $219,287.77

NORHEIM JON                         $200,298.80

BEECROFT CHRIS                   $199,550.51

FEMIANO JANE                       $191,282.71

GIBSON, DAVID                      $189,677.78

LEEDS THOMAS                      $188,104.47

BULLA BONNIE                        $187,332.94

DE LA GARZA, MELISA           $183,921.27

YAMASHITA, WESLEY            $179,558.68

MASTIN, AMY                          $179,219.43

ROYS, HOLLY                          $165,016.26

BAILEY, SOONHEE                  $164,063.47

PICKARD, MARGARET           $153,566.69

CROFT, WILLIAM                    $145,031.65

KURTZ, THOMAS                     $53,328.09

BROWN, DAVID                      $49,202.62



Each Haring Master is appointed by the Family Court Judges and works under the supervision of the Family Court Judges.


Each Haring Master is equipped with a Law Clerk, JEA and Marshal.


This is the reason why the Family Court Judges have three day weekends, half days or don’t bother to show up at all.


Because we have overloaded them with Hearing Masters, so they don’t have to work.


People look at all the tax dollars we waste in salaries alone.


Most of these Judges would NEVER make this type of money and have this mush time off in the private sector.


We are looking for more Court Observers, if you are willing and able to witness the courts in action for yourself by educating yourself on the judges, court staff and attorneys. Please contact Steve Sanson at 702 283 8088.



He Defended Us, Let’s defend Him!



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Veterans In Politics proudly announces that Richard “Tick” Segerblom Nevada State Senator.  Steven Plog will discuss how Clark County District Court Judge Family Division Bryce Duckworth placed his daughter with a pedophile, both appeared as a special guests on the Veterans In Politics internet video talk-show





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