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Veterans In Politics proudly announces that Richard “Tick” Segerblom Nevada State Senator.  Steven Plog will discuss how Clark County District Court Judge Family Division Bryce Duckworth placed his daughter with a pedophile, both will appear as a special guests on the Veterans In Politics internet video talk-show Saturday August 12, 2017.



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Richard “Tick” Segerblom Nevada State Senator


Steven Plog discussing that Clark County District Court Judge Family Division Bryce Duckworth placed his daughter with a pedophile



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Most Judges in Family Court are lazy!


  • They rely on a third party entity to make decisions for them.
  • It takes them months and years to render a decision, making you put your life on hold.
  • Some have no respect for your time, money or mental health
  • At a drop of a dime they cancel or reschedule your case without giving you the litigant proper notice.
  • They are not putting in less than 40 hours at the court house, making over $200,000 per year with benefits of tax payers money.
  • They let attorneys whom they are friends with or who gave a campaign donation run the people’s courtroom.
  • They legislate from the bench.
  • They violate the US Constitution.
  • They bring their own personal bias to the bench.
  • They will rule on your case with absolutely NO evidence.

These days will come to an end my friends. We will stick together, we have plenty of time to organize and focus on the elections in 2020. If my calculations are correct more than a third will leave the bench between now and 2019 and the rest will not run for re-election or will be destroyed in a primary or general election. We will expose them for who they are!


Steve Sanson

President Of Veterans In Politics ™



War Declared On the Clark County Family Court System


Nevada’s Secret Court’s


It’s illegal to seal cases with the intention to avoid the public to know about a wrongful behavior. This letter proves that Judge Rena Hughes sealed a case not to protect the best interest of the child, but to protect the best interest of Rena Hughes.

  1. Closing Hearings And Sealing Documents:

As stated above, court proceedings are supposed to be open to the public as a matter of First Amendment constitutional right. In the family law case of Del Papa v. Steffen, 915 P.2d 245, 248 (1996), the Nevada Supreme Court held that courts are presumptively open to the public and “a state may deny this right of public access only if it shows that the denial is necessitated by a compelling government interest, and is narrowly tailored to serve that interest.” See also, Civil Rights for Seniors, Non-profit Corp. v. Admin. Office of the Courts, 313 P.3d 216, 129 Nev.Adv.Op. 80 (Nev. 2013) (the public has a First Amendment right of access in criminal and civil judicial proceedings). This indeed is the law nationwide. NRS 1.090 also recognizes this important public policy and provides that “the sitting of every court of justice shall be public except as otherwise provided by law.”

NRS 432B.430(c): This statute provides for the mandatory closing of hearings in all family law cases in which the court must determine whether there is enough evidence of neglect or abuse to remove a child from his/her home, unless the judge finds that keeping the proceedings open is in the best interest of the child. First, this blanket across-the-board requirement to close such hearings, without a case by case analysis showing a compelling state interest and a finding of the least intrusive method of closing such hearing, is unconstitutional. While one may think of a child’s removal from the home as a sensitive issue, we believe this is the very reason it should be open to the public – so as to minimize the risk of abuse in the proceedings. There are indeed many criminal cases that are particularly sensitive, yet we view those as a society as especially warranting open review by the public. Again, the hearing may be closed on a case by case basis, but a compelling state interest must be shown in each case and the restrictions must be narrowly tailored. Secondly, the statute’s requirement that the hearing only be open if it can be shown to be in the best interests of the child appears to make no sense, and appears to be an amorphous bar to reach.

NRS 432B.430(1)(a): This statute provides that proceedings pertaining to the permanent placement of the child are presumed to be open “unless the judge or master, upon his or her own motion or upon the motion of another person, determines that all or part of the proceeding must be closed to the general public because such closure is in the best interest of the child…” This statute is also unconstitutional. The test is not whether keeping a hearing open is in the best interests of the child. The legal test must be whether the state can show a compelling state interest, on a case by case basis, of the need to close the hearing, and to what extent the hearing needs to be closed – typically, only a portion of the hearing if any can be closed. The findings of such compelling state interest must be specifically argued and found to be compelling in the order closing the hearing. This is particularly true where the termination of parental rights is at stake. The public should have full transparency on such a vital issue.

Eighth Judicial District Court Rule 5.02 was repealed as of 1/27/2017, but it had provided for many years that family court cases could be “closed” to members of the public simply upon the request of one of the parties. No good cause or any other factors had to be shown or justified. This was unconstitutional. Many hearings were closed pursuant to this rule. The courts need to review whether any cases which are still open and which took advantage of this Rule without a showing of a compelling state interest stated on the record, continue to hold such closed hearings. The judges must be instructed to abide by constitutional protections for open court before granting such closed hearings again in those or other cases.



He Defended Us, Let’s defend Him!–Let-s-Defend-Him-.html?soid=1119987097423&aid=oYRP5mq4-SI

your only warning.. Sealing cases will not cover anything up…

Like Donald Trump says: “Believe Me!”

Steve Sanson
President of Veterans In Politics International, Inc. (TM)


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Veterans In Politics proudly announces that Alex Ghibaudo appeared as a special guests on the Veterans In Politics internet video talk-show.  Clark County Family Court Judge Bill Henderson was scheduled to appear, but his cowardly colleagues convinced him not to appear. This is what we have to say about that “If you turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to corruption YOU are just as guilty as the perpetrators committing the injustice”.



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