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Veterans In Politics proudly announces Thomas James Knickmeyer former Clark County Marshal will discuss the corruption that exist in the Clark County Court System and Ann Barlow Founding Chair National Congress of Black Woman-Las Vegas, all will appear as a special guest on the Veterans In Politics internet video talk-show Saturday, February 17, 2018.




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The VIP Talk-Show is a trusted source of information. For more than a decade, Steve Sanson, Jim Jonas , co-hosts Lena Ocasio and Mantis Toboggan and guest co-host Christina Ortiz have informed the listeners about important local and national issues. Not only do they discuss major national issues, but they also bring public’s attention to multiple local issues affecting our community that other news sources choose to ignore. Past guests are politicians, candidates running for public office, organization leaders, published authors, business owners and citizens. VIP‘s involvement in local affairs has led to investigations of multiple government agencies and corrupt individuals. VIP received special recognition and multiple awards from government officials and non-profit organizations.


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Thomas James Knickmeyer former Clark County Marshal will discuss the corruption that exist in the Clark County Court System



Ann Barlow Founding Chair National Congress of Black Woman-Las Vegas


Litigants Corner





Criminals has more rights than Family Court Litigants





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Another E-Mail to Jane Ann Morrison


From: Ameenah A <>

Date: 2/6/18 13:08 (GMT-08:00)


Subject: comments on your September 13, 2017 article


Hello Jane Ann Morrison


In response to your attack article on Veterans in Politics International, and its president Steve Sanson….


WOW, I’ll bet that you are so happy to have the Freedom of Press – thank the US Military Veterans for that!


I read your article several times, in hopes I could understand why it was “news-worthy” and sadly I could not.  It reads like a scorned woman venting.  It clearly reveals that you do not understand just what Veterans In Politics International stands for or what it does as a non-profit organization.


I was an auxiliary member and co-host of the Veterans In Politics International Radio Show, leaving these great opportunities behind when I moved to another state and my health took a downhill turn.


I have been involved in politicking for over 45-years and found Veterans In Politics International to be a fantastic organization.  Did you know that they hold public forums where candidates are invited to participate?  These are free to the public and very helpful for people to get to know the candidates and cast educated votes at the ballot box.  These forums are videotaped and available on the Veterans In Politics International’s Website, thus reaching an even greater audience of voters.


As is stated on the Seal of Veterans In Politics International, “This is Our Country, We fought for the Right to Say How it Should Be Run.”  Certainly, you would not disallow a Veteran of our Military from stating their opinion on politicians or politics, would you?   Think about that before answering please Jane Ann because your article is presenting you as a person who does not think it is right for Veterans In Politics International, or specifically its President, to do just that!


If all the people of our country were ignorant of government and its branches, or politicians and their agendas, I believe we as a nation would fail.   Thank goodness for Veterans In Politics International, for its members service to our country and protection of our rights and freedoms, for its organizations ability to draw public attention to the issues and concerns of our country from local to national levels, thank goodness Veterans In Politics International provides free public forums where people can meet with and learn about candidates for public office, for the Radio Program where the public listens to interviews with elected officials, candidates, and persons from organizations that help Veterans, and more.

The men in my family have fought in all wars the USA has been active in since 1775 (Revolutionary War /Virginia Militia) instilled in my family is a strong sense of active and educated political involvement, for the sake of those who have gone before and for the sake of future generations.  I strongly believe that Veterans In Politics International is the best venue for non-partisan political education for Veterans and for the general public in the USA today.


Jane Ann, I invite you to participate in some of the free public functions of Veterans In Politics International in the Las Vegas Nevada area, tune in to the radio show, perhaps even attend their only annual fundraiser, consider attending The Valentine’s Day Ball, Feb 10th at the Plaza Hotel – tickets are available at the door – it includes a wonderful dinner so feel free to feed your mind and your tummy while learning more about this fantastic organization and getting to know many of its members.


I hope that you will develop an understanding of WHY it is important to speak out against things that are either wrong or need improvement in our country, WHY it is important to be well-educated in the political candidates and their agendas before casting your vote, and WHY the brave Veterans of our military are united in voice through Veterans In Politics International.




Ameenah Andersen
formerly “Sage” Bocook



Steve Sanson
President of Veterans In Politics International


War Declared On the Clark County Family Court System


He Defended Us, Let’s defend Him!–Let-s-Defend-Him-.html?soid=1119987097423&aid=oYRP5mq4-SI


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Veterans In Politics proudly announces Mack Miller candidate for Nevada State Assembly District 5 and Jayson A. Paretts candidate for Clark County Recorder, all will appear as a special guests on the Veterans In Politics internet video talk-show



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