I would like to take this opportunity to personally endorse Kevin L. Child for his reelection bid to the Clark County School Board Trustee District D. Trustee Child had stood his ground on a forensic audit on the school board, in an effort that taxpayers know where their money is going. Because of this Trustee Child underwent a lot of criticism from other Board Members and the Superintendent. In an attempt to banned him from schools that we elected him to oversee. Trustee Child remained steadfast and did the will of the people that elected him. Trustee Child has shown leadership and never coward down to the pressure of a corrupt and dysfunctional adversary. Because of this and many other leadership accomplishments, it gives me great pleasure to endorse KEVIN L. CHILD reelection to the Clark County School Board Trustee District D.

Steve Sanson
President of Veterans In Politics International, Inc. (R)
PO Box 28211
Las Vegas, Nv 89126
702 283 8088

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